Published On: February 6, 2023
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Raid Shadow Legends: What are Fusion Events?


In Raid Shadow Legends, we all know the heart and soul of the game is collecting Champions, and as such, one of the best ways to obtain champions is through the monthly events that are held, called Fusions, these allow you to fuse and obtain Legendary Champions on a monthly basis.

This article will be a deep dive into this system, explaining how they work as well as providing you with tips on how to make the most of each and every Raid Shadow Legends Fusion.

What are Fusion Events?

The idea behind fusion events is combining a collection of specific Champions, in order to create or “fuse” a more powerful Champion, however, there are multiple ways that these events can present themselves.

  • Traditional Fusions – These consist of 16 Rare Champions, 4 Epic Champions, and the Legendary Fusion. Rare and Epic Champions can be obtained via events.
  • Fragment Champions – These do not include other Champions, you must complete events to collect 100 Fragments to fuse the Legendary Champion.
  • Hybrid Fusion – These are a mix of the above two methods, usually consisting of Fragments to collect the Epic Champions, before fusing them into the Legendary Fusion Champion.

How to Fuse Champions

The method for fusing Champions depends on the type of Fusion Event, these typically alternate between Fragment and Traditional, however, we sometimes see a period where it is primarily one or the other back to back.

Fragments are typically the most forgiving of Fusion Events, as it requires a lot fewer resources than a Traditional. They are much more forgiving, allowing you to skip several events whilst completing the Fusion.

Traditional Fusions

In a Traditional Fusion, for this example we’ll use Rhazin Scarhide as he is a permanently available Fusion in Raid Shadow Legends, as you can see in the picture below you will need to gather 16 Rare Champions, once you have obtained them you will need to take them to Rank 4, level 40, and ascend them 4 times each.

Once this step is done, you fuse them into the epic Champions, which then require upgrading to Rank 5, Level 50, with 5 Ascension bonuses – This is the final step of the fusion, as once all 4 Epic Champions are at this point, it is time to Fuse your brand new Legendary Champion!

As you are required to ascend and upgrade Champions during a traditional Fusion, you will need to ensure that you have the correct resources going into the fusion, as there will be very little downtime for you to farm this during the Fusion Event.

Traditional Fusions do have a time limit, and unless you are ready and summon the Champion before the deadline, unfortunately your hard work will be completely wasted.

Fragment Fusions

In Fragment Fusions, much like Traditional, there will be a set of events, however, instead of awarding you with Rare Champions, they will give you sets of Fragments to collect, with a maximum of 115 Available (outside of winning Tournaments for bonus 5 each time)

This means that you are able to decide on 15 Fragment’s that you are able to skip, whether that be 3 smaller events that award 5 each, or one of the larger events such as Champion Chase Tournaments that typically have 15 Fragments up for grabs.

Once you have collected all 100 Fragments, head over to the Fragment Summon Menu in the Summoning Portal to claim your Champion.

These have no time limits and can be held for a future event to get extra points for your summon.

Things to consider during Fusions

Not all Legendary Fusions are going to drastically improve your account, some of which actually won’t at all – a decision needs to be made by yourself, and only you can make this decision…

Are they worth the resources that it would take to get them, to you?

Of course with this game having a heavy focus on Champion Collection, many players opt to go for every single Fusion no matter what, and this is a good idea if you have the resources available.

However, especially for early accounts or Free to play accounts – you need to be sensible with your resources, and if the Champion is not going to be worth the time and investment that it would take to collect, it is sometimes worth skipping.

Also, during Traditional Fusions, some of the Epic Champions (or even the rares) may be more beneficial for your account, so it may be a smarter decision to collect these over the legendary at the end, which will demand much fewer resources.


Overall, Fusion Events are highly demanding in terms of the resources that you need to invest to complete them, but they can give your account a massive leap, occasionally Fusions are absolutely game-changing and will enhance every single account, whereas others are more niche and may be less of a priority to collect for your account allowing you to invest your resources elsewhere.

If you are going for a fusion you will need to ensure that you have plenty of the following resources:

  • Shards (These are required for the Champion Chase, and Summon Rush Events)
  • Silver (This is required for Artifact Enhancement Events)
  • Energy/Gems (These are required for Dungeon Divers Events, Dungeon Tournaments, and Training Events/Tournaments)
  • Food Champions (During Training Events and Tournaments you will need to use lots of food to upgrade your other Champions for points)
  • An arena team (Arena Takedown Tournaments will require you to farm the arena with your daily battles during their duration)
  • Potions (These will be required for Traditional Fusions to ascend the required Champions.)

During all active Fusions, we run a Fusion Guide that is updated daily to help you acquire the Champions, be sure to check them out!

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1 year ago

I’d say that every player should be going for fusions once they can beat NM CB for shards, and at least 15 of all dungeons for the gear tourneys. They’re not that hard if you save shards and gems for them, and can be GAMECHANGING.