Mythical Champions
Published On: September 4, 2023

RAID Update Preview: Mythical Champions


Get ready for an epic journey into the latest update that’s set to shake the foundations of RAID: Shadow Legends. It’s a monumental moment, as we proudly unveil a brand-new rarity tier: Mythical Champions! Hold onto your seats because this update is colossal.

Mythical Champions aren’t just your run-of-the-mill heroes; they’re the next evolution from Legendary Champions, designed to make your gaming experience truly exceptional. Wondering what sets them apart from the rest? In a nutshell, Mythical Champions are like having two Champions rolled into one, thanks to an innovative new mechanic called Metamorph.

Each Mythical Champion possesses the ability to seamlessly shift between two distinct forms, each with its own set of skills, and sometimes even a change in Champion type. This dynamic transformation adds a layer of depth and strategy to your battles, and we can’t wait to delve into it further.

The Mythical Champions in Action: Meet Siegfrund the Nephilim

Allow us to introduce you to Siegfrund the Nephilim, our Mythical friend. At first glance, he may seem like your typical Sacred Order paragon, but there’s more to him than meets the eye. When all of Siegfrund’s allies fall in battle, his Metamorph skill awakens, transforming him into a fiery angel of vengeance. Even his shield takes on a fearsome visage!

But it’s not just Siegfrund’s appearance that changes; his entire skill set undergoes a transformation. In his base form, he focuses on dealing devastating damage, while in his alternate form, he becomes a proficient healer, capable of reviving fallen comrades. This demonstration showcases the Metamorph mechanic, the hallmark feature of Mythical Champions.

Mythical Champions Siegfrund

Unlocking Mythical Champions: Primal Shards and Primal Quartz

Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of how to obtain these mythical heroes. Say hello to Primal Shards, the key to summoning Mythical Champions. These fiery red Shards are your primary means of obtaining these extraordinary warriors. But that’s not all; Primal Shards can also yield Rares, Epics, and Legendaries of various affinities, except for Void, at the launch.

Speaking of Void, there won’t be any Mythical Void Champions initially, but rest assured, we’ll keep you informed if that changes. Additionally, you can acquire Primal Shards by collecting Primal Quartz, a mythical substance. Gather 100 of these, and you can craft a Primal Shard. Both Primal Shards and Quartz can be earned through specific in-game activities and events, so embark on your quest to collect them!

So far, Plarium has only announced one area where you can get Primal Quartz, and that will be from the Hydra Clash Rewards!

“You’ll also be able to form Primal Shards with 100 units of Primal Quartz, which will be obtainable in the Hydra Clash Chests as well as some other Events.”

Mythical Champions Primal Shards

Powering Up Your Mythical Champions

So, you’ve secured a Mythical Champion – what’s next? Good news: Powering them up is a breeze. The process is identical to that of any other Champion. Engage in battles, place them in the Sparring Pit, use XP Brews, or feed them Champions to accumulate experience. Additionally, employ Affinity Potions to Ascend them. The best part? Mythical Champions emerge from their shards at Rank 6, eliminating the need for Rank 5 Chickens.

Now, let’s talk skills. Developing your Mythical Champion’s skills requires Mythical Tomes. It’s worth noting that you’ll need to upgrade each form’s skills separately. However, don’t fret; fully upgrading all skills across both forms will require a similar number of Tomes as upgrading a Legendary Champion.

If you have a preference for one form over the other, consider focusing on that form’s skills first. For example, if you want Siegfrund primarily as a healer, prioritize upgrading his alternate form’s skills. Gear and Masteries, on the other hand, remain consistent across both forms, offering you the flexibility to balance resources or specialize.

Mythical Champion Tomes

Embrace the Power of Metamorph

Let’s delve deeper into the Metamorph mechanic – the heart of Mythical Champions. As mentioned earlier, each Mythical Champion possesses two forms that they can seamlessly switch between. However, the mechanics of their Metamorph skills can vary.

Take Siegfrund, for instance. In his base form, his Metamorph skill functions as a passive and activates only when all of his allies perish. Conversely, in his alternate form, Siegfrund can manually activate his Metamorph skill, transforming back into his base form at will.

In general, most Mythical Champions will have Metamorph as a standard active skill, allowing them to change forms at their discretion, provided the cooldown permits. When a Mythical Champion activates their Metamorph skill, they gain an extra turn, and all their skills’ cooldowns reset, except for the Metamorph skill. Additionally, Metamorph skills remain immune to any effects that might alter cooldowns, such as Masteries or Artifacts.

When switching forms, buffs, debuffs, and HP percentages remain unchanged, but shield buffs retain their original values. Mythical Champions always begin a battle in their base form, ensuring that you start each encounter with a specific set of skills and abilities.

Mythical Champions Metamorph

A new Era of RAID: Shadow Legends

Mythical Champions introduce a whole new level of strategy and versatility to RAID: Shadow Legends. To make the most of these extraordinary heroes, you’ll need to carefully consider your gear, masteries, and blessings to suit your playstyle and team composition.

We’re excited to witness how these Mythical Champions will reshape the Raid meta, and we encourage you to stay tuned for release notes and news about events and activities that offer Primal Shards or Primal Quartz as rewards. Moreover, we have a major new feature in the works that will feature a Mythical Champion as a reward – stay tuned for more details!

And there you have it, an in-depth look at Mythical Champions, the latest addition to the Raid universe. But before we wrap up, here’s a sneak peek at the first batch of these awe-inspiring heroes. Don’t forget to like this video and subscribe to the official RAID: Shadow Legends YouTube channel to stay updated on all things Teleria.

Get ready to embark on a legendary journey with Mythical Champions. Happy raiding, fellow warriors!

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Only 5 lucky hydra clash winning years to hit mercy! So generous!