Agreth, the Nether Spider

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Last Updated: 8th July 2024

In deepest caverns of Teleria, two queens feud over the horde of Spiders. Sorath and Agreth were once sisters bourne from the same brood. At one time, the sisters ruled in harmony protecting their own brood against any invaders. As their own brood grew to immense strength, they began to look inwards and the once loyal broods began invading their respective territories. With this internal conflict, adventures wonder if the wealth in the caverns now remain unguarded!

Unlike her sister, Agreth, the Nether Spider carries a ferocious venom that will bleed her foes alive. She currently dwells in the Doom Tower and has been known to hold territories in the Cursed City of Sintranos. Prepare to be cast with hundreds of her venomous poisons as you face her and her brood. She represents a new challenge for players and building the right team will be crucial.

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