Arcane Potion Keep

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Last Updated: 23rd June 2023

Wielding the sword of justice and holding the seat of the Arcane Keep, the guardian holds the key to unlocking Champion Ascension in Raid: Shadow Legends. When you earn a new champion, they will have no ascension levels. Ascending a champion grants you greater base stats, unlocks the ability to equip amulets and banners and sometimes empowers a skill to be even stronger. In order for you to do this, you will need to acquire Ascension Potions. Potions come in the form of affinity specific potions that are required to be used to match with the champions affinity and then Arcane potions. The Arcane Potion Keep is where you can acquire these potions. Unlike the affinity potion keeps, Arcane remains open to farm every day of the week.

Ascending champions is an essential aspect of gearing your champions and reaching their maximum potential so you cannot skip this dungeon. Thankfully, it is one of the more straight forward challenges you will face in Raid: Shadow Legends.

Our guide below contains all the information on the boss skills, effects and multipliers alongside strategies to beat each stage of the Arcane Potion Keep and some recommended champions and teams to optimise your dungeon teams.

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