Published On: April 1, 2024
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RAID’s April Fools Events

Plarium released a few April Fools Events this morning, revolving around the use of your not-so-precious mystery shards.

This set of events was somewhat teased yesterday with a ‘Mystery Event’ appearing in the Plarium Play Calendar, however, now that it’s started we can have a closer look!

One of the events included in this will involve Festival Titan Path Points, so keep an eye out as you may need these points to get your final milestone rewards!

Let’s run through the April Fools Events!

Mystery Summon Rush

First of all, for the April Fools Events, we have a Summon Rush Event, which goes alongside a Progressive Chance Event that we cover in a dedicated article linked below.

The big warning that must be given for this event however, is Mystery Shards are equal to ONE point, as are every single other type of shard, so instead of Sacred Shards being worth 500 Points, you will only get ONE for them, so do not use anything other than Mysteries for this event, it will take a total of 1,000 of ANY shard.

Either way, 1,000 mystery shards for some great rewards including a Legendary Book and some Titan Event Points is awesome, if you have the time to pull that many!

Mystery Shard Pack Offers!

You heard it right, you can now  BUY MYSTERY SHARDS!

There is currently a pack available for £9.99 which contains 999/1000 of the required Mystery Shards for the above Summon Rush Event. Well, I never thought I’d see the day, but April Fools strikes again!

Uncommon Only Dungeon Tournaments

There is currently a Spider Tournament running for Uncommon Champions only, our advice for this, would be to pick up some of the favourable uncommon Champions who you may have levelled, and take them into stage 10 of Spider (Drops a high amount of 5-Star gear, and great for farming points at low energy cost!) – if you do not have them levelled, just avoid this event completely, it’s not worth the investment if you are a developing account as you will have much higher priorities than a bunch of uncommon champions.

Are you going for these April Fools Events? Let us know in the comments!

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