Published On: December 1, 2022
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Regeneration & Retaliation Drop Frenzy Events

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Plarium has announced that we will be having two Drop Frenzy events coming this week, which will see us diving into both Fire Knight and Ice Golem to get our hands on some specific aritfact sets.

Let’s check out what’s coming…


Plarium Announcement

Hey folks!
I have some news about the upcoming events this week:

  • On Friday, December 2nd, we’re planning to launch x3 event for dropping Retaliation set artifacts at Ice Golem’s Peak.
  • On Monday, December 5th, we’re planning to launch x3 event for dropping Regeneration set artifacts at Fire Knight’s Castle.

So look for the Drop Frenzy label in-game to know the event is live.


What is the best stage to farm?

When farming gear, there are a few stage breakpoints that are important to know for the best results, and you should aim to farm the highest of these that you’re able to.

  • Stage 13 – First access to 6* gear – allowing you to get potentially great items.
  • Stage 16 – This is where Dungeons will stop dropping Mystery Shards and Brews allowing you to get more gear per energy.
  • Stage 20 – No longer drops unneeded 4* gear.
  • Stage 24 – The best amount of good gear per energy.
  • Stage 25 – The BEST possible chances at 6* Legendary gear.

Picking between stage 24 and stage 25 comes down to the simple fact of whether you want more high-quality gear, or slightly less but a higher chance of getting 6* Legendary drops.


Should I be solo farming or Speed farming?

Firstly, of course, this one is only relevant to Ice Golem Farming, as you’ll have a very unhappy time trying to solo Fire Knight…

When it comes to efficiency with farming, solo farming is a great way of double-dipping and leveling champions along the way whilst you’re farming gear, but with events like these where it is a limited period you may want to make the absolute most out of it and opt to run a speed farming team, allowing you to get more chances of gear during this window.

Of course, this is only the case if you are somebody who has a lot of saved energy or are wanting to buy energy to keep you farming the whole time.

If your energy is limited and you won’t miss out on runs by using a solo farmer, then of course this is fine to do!

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1 year ago

X3gear drops!? Is this a new thing?

1 year ago
Reply to  Gramps1702


1 year ago

3x Regen?! I needed that before this Bad El tourney, but I’m def farming a lot of FK for some FW/Bommal gear.