Some Tips for New Players in Tower of Fantasy!

Published On: August 22, 2022

Some Tips for New Players in Tower of Fantasy!


Here are our TOP tips for any new player to Tower of Fantasy as I wish I knew these when I first started out!

#1 Nucleus Farming

Nucleus Farming is essential to get better weapons and to be able to level up your current weapons. There are so many around the map so any F2P player can get as many as a P2W player! If you look at the map there are many strange markings so it’s good to know what they mean!

The Small diamond-looking symbols all have a chance to contain a Nucleus either gold or black but all will give you exp as a minimum, you’ll have to do a small mini task to get the rewards!

  • The tar pits will need to be set alight with a fire weapon or a Fire core.
  • Kerosenia Plant will need to be set alight with a fire weapon or a Fire core.
  • Lava pits will need to be frozen with ice weapons or an Ice Core
  • Dandelions are the most common that you’ll come across early and you just need to destroy it and then you need to jump up and hit it.
  • Glow Mushrooms need to be jumped on from smallest to largest to generate a Nucleus.
  • Singularity Rocks, are the statues holding the sphere, You can knock the sphere off to reveal a Nucleus by using the Strange Cube relic. You can do this by running Ruin A2.
  • CharChar’s are the big blue flowers on the floor that you need to throw a water Core into to get your reward.
  • Omnium Pillar plates grant you Nucleus by using the Omnium hand cannon which you can get by completing Ruin A3.

#2 Elemental Shields

The enemies in Tower of Fantasy can be quite hard to kill sometimes because of the massive shields they have which can resist an element that you are using. This is bad if you are running an all-fire weapon set because if they are resistant to fire then you’ll be struggling, this is why it’s good to have a varied weapon balance.

  • Green shields are much harder for physical attackers to shatter, Elemental weapons are needed to break them down.
  • Red Pyroshields are harder for Fire attackers to shatter, any NON-Fire weapon is much better and recommended!
  • Purple Electroshields are harder for Volt attackers to shatter, any NON-Volt weapons are much better and recommended!
  • Blue Frostshields are harder for Frost attackers to shatter, any NON-Frost weapons are much better and recommended!
  • Gold Multishields are resistant to many elements but the one they are weak against. This means using the element that they are weak to so you can run through the enemies much quicker.

When running through Tower of Fantasy solo you should have one S-tier shield-breaking weapon, one S-tier DPS weapon and an S-tier support/healing weapon.

#3 Climbing tall buildings

There is a way to climb tall buildings to reach those high-end chests!

All you need to do is jump up and detach yourself from the building then jump again, this doesn’t cost your stamina levels and gets you climbing up very quickly and it means you don’t fall down and cost health. This also means you don’t need to stop and rest your stamina halfway up the building!

#4 Don’t burst your endurance

When you are climbing, gliding or jumping you will use endurance and in the early levels you won’t have good endurance at all and it will deplete quickly. When climbing buildings if you don’t want to use our third tip or you are struggling with the mechanic then slowly climb up the building because you’ll get further up the building than jumping fastly. Don’t waste endurance in a fight as well! Jumping to avoid some attacks will be critical in the later game so practice early to save your dodges and jumping endurance!


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