Raid Shadow Legends – Taunt is a buff that forces your opponent to attack the champion wearing the Taunt buff. There are some unique rules that you need to be aware of when using this buff:

  1. If there are multiple taunts on your team then any champion with taunt can be targetted (so best to keep this buff to a minimum).
  2. If an opponent is provoked by another champion then it ignores the taunt buff as provoke takes priority.
  3. If a single taunt is on your team but there is a Veil buff then Taunt will take priority (meaning any target with both buffs will still be targetted)
  4. If multiple taunts are present then the champion without a veil will be prioritised
  5. Taunt buffs cannot be spread or increased in duration but can be stolen, removed and have its duration decreased.

taunt buff


Taunt Champions