Published On: July 18, 2022

Telerian Summer Trials – It begins now!


Plarium has just dropped the news on the Telerian Summer Trials, an event that will be driven by community participation over the next month, to decide the rewards we’ll receive in a mega-training event at the end of August, they’ve stated that this event will, however, be easy to complete, so make sure you read below to see what you can do to help bolster the rewards for everybody in August!


As part of our summer celebrations, we’re running two extra special linked events with some amazing rewards on offer.

The first phase is a huge global collaboration, a Reward-Builder event that will define the individual prizes for phase 2 – the follow-up Reward-Harvest event.


Here’s how it’s going to work:

Phase 1: Reward-Builder
– From Monday, July 18, until Thursday, August 18, the Telerian Summer Trials event will take place. Everyone in the game will work together, completing goals, to build prizes for the follow-up event.

Phase 2: Reward-Harvest
– From Monday, August 22, to Saturday, August 27, we’re running a Champion Training Event – with the prizes on offer defined entirely by everyone’s performance in the Telerian Trials.

Event Breakdown
In the Telerian Summer Trials, you’ll be working with players around the world to complete 9 Global Goals, where each Goal has a reward connected to it. When a Goal is reached, that reward will be added as a reward to the upcoming Champion Training Event. The more Goals are reached, the more rewards will be added.


Here is the list of Goals and rewards:

  • Fight 250,000,000 Classic Arena Offense Battles – Epic Skill Tome x1
  • Fight 250,000,000 Tag Arena Offense Battles – Legendary Skill Tome x1
  • Beat Stage 25 of the Dragon’s Lair 15,000,000 times – Energy x300
  • Beat Stage 25 of the Ice Golem’s Peak 1,000,000 times – Rank 5 Chicken x1
  • Beat Stage 25 of the Fire Knight’s Castle 5,500,000 times – XP Brew x50
  • Beat Stage 25 of the Spider’s Den 17,500,000 times – Rank 4 Chicken x1
  • Use 4,500,000 Hydra Keys – XP Barrel x1
  • Use 40,000,000 Clan Boss Keys – Void Shard x1
  • Beat Stage 21 Faction Crypts 3,500,000 times – 6* Legendary Chaos Ore x1

This Event counts the actions of every single player in the game, so the more everyone does, the more everyone wins.

To see the Telerian Summer Trials progress and track the milestones as they happen, just hit the link below to open a special event page.



  1. LordBanshee July 18, 2022 at 12:10 pm

    Boy, they will do anything to crank up the numbers of people playing Hydra, won’t they?

  2. dankovci July 22, 2022 at 9:42 pm

    4 days in, and even including a personal rewards CvC, based on my math this will be an almost complete bust. Nothing will come close except for Spider Den which we will blow past the mark around the half way point. You can tell where all the energy is going here quite visually. Maybe an upcoming Fusion will boost some of these numbers in the coming weeks. If not, I hope everyone enjoys their one 4* chicken…

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