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Published On: May 12, 2024
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The Importance of Joining a Clan in RAID: Shadow Legends

It is important to join a clan as early as possible in Raid Shadow Legends because it is where a big piece of content is hidden behind, so be it with strangers or with some friends it is vital to join a clan as soon as possible. 

In this article, we will break down all of the reasons why joining a clan is so important in RAID: Shadow Legends.

Restricted Content:


The hidden content is the Clan Boss and Hydra, but mainly the clan boss in the early stages of the game as Hydra is locked until you reach a higher level. The Clan Boss can give you massive rewards which you’ll want to be collecting early into the game to give you more resources earlier in the game. 

Clan Boss rewards vary from Shards, Books, Unique Gear sets and much more so downing the boss is essential to picking up a chest or 2 a day. As soon as you get your Clan Boss Keys then get into it and get smacking it, use a team with poisons such as Kael and bring Warmaiden for Decrease DEF

Social Aspects:

Now the Clan Boss isn’t the only reason for joining a clan because in Raid it is very much a community game where you can ask for help if you are stuck or give some help to fellow players when they are stuck.

In the game is a Clan Chat where you can type and communicate with other members of your Clan. This is very useful to get to know your clan because we at HH Gaming have made many friends over the years being a part of Clans and communicating to them through this chat which led to us being friends outside of the game and meeting up with people at events that we attend. The social aspect of Raid is very promising which is keeping the game alive! 

Clan vs Clan:

In a Clan, you can compete with other Clans in an event called CvC (Clan vs Clan) and here you are competing against another clan to try and get more points than them to receive rewards by winning.

The idea is to play the game as much as possible and pull shards but it isn’t all bad for the F2P players as you can get Personal rewards when your clan wins so try and pull your weight for the team and claim the rewards that you’d get just from playing the game normally. 

Clan Shop:

Joining a clan: shop

There is also a specific shop called Clan Shop, where do they come up with these names…

But the Clan Shop is very good and when you are new to the game it gives you a chance to get a Free Void Legendary champion Yakarl the Scourge which is massive. It will take you 20 weeks to get and 15,000 clan gold or if you don’t want this sweet-looking champion you can go for Yannica the Legendary Spirit champion who will cost you 10,000 Clan gold.

So, joining a clan can get you a couple of Legendary Free champions, but alongside this you can pick up a large amount of energy, the occasional skill tome and shards! 

Clan Quests:

There are clan quests which give you clan Gold. This is earned by choosing a quest you’d like to do and then doing it.

So, there are 3 types of quests that you can participate in Basic, Expert and Elite. And as you may have guessed they go up in difficulty with basic being the easiest but only giving you 100 gold per completion. Expert gives you 200 gold and Elite gives you 350.

Therefore, you’ll want to try and complete as many Elite quests as you can but you are limited to 3 quests a week granting you a maximum of 1050 Gold. This may be an issue though because some clans like to limit the elite quests so everyone gets a fair share of picking up elite quests before you snatch 3 in one go.

In the early game, you’ll want to do the quests easiest for you or try your luck in an expert quest that you can guarantee. The gold is vital to getting the legendary champions in the shop so make sure you can 100% do the quest or can at least attempt it with some confidence.

Overall Clans are a good part of the game and you should join one as soon as possible, start with a new one whilst you build your roster then move to a bigger one once you can take higher levels of Clan Boss down!

Can you think of any other reasons for joining a clan? Let us know in the comments!

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14 days ago

I would have quit a while ago if it wasn’t for my amazing clan. Found it after taking a break from the game for about a month, and it both really helped me stick around after coming back and motivated me to really push my Hydra teams and cvc score. The social aspect of Raid can’t be overstated, and having a place you can talk to people at a similar point in the game as you is incredible.

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