Published On: February 23, 2022
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Understanding the differences between Fragment and Fusion Summons

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Every single month we have a new event for a Legendary Champion, these are either done through traditional Fusions or Fragment Summons.

There are a few key differences while doing these events to obtain the legendary, which are very important to realize.

  • Fragment Collectors do not require ascension potions, or food to upgrade champions outside of Training Events
  • Fusions WILL require ascension potions, and the materials to upgrade 16 rares to 4/40 – and 4 epics to 5/50.
  • Fragment Collectors can be SAVED to be summoned at a later date
  • Fusions CAN NOT be saved and must be fused within the given window

These are incredibly important to know while reaching the end of a fusion, and while preparing for the next.

Many people opt to save Fusions to line up with Clan vs Clan, or future Champion Chase Tournaments – however with this current fusion, as it is a Traditional Fusion, you will miss out on the opportunity to do so unless you fuse in the next 4 days.

Be sure to keep an eye on the timer available on the Fusion tab, to make sure you get your fusion done in time!

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