Using Silver Keys Efficiently

Published On: September 11, 2021

Using Silver Keys Efficiently


Silver Keys are the main currency you will use in the Doom Tower to farm for Forge Materials and to open and Complete Secret Rooms. You will receive 10 Silver Keys at reset every day of a rotation and you can earn a further 5 keys from completing an Advanced Quest. This means there are a finite amount of Silver Keys available to you each rotation. You will need to use 24 of these keys to complete all of the secret rooms but will be rewarded with 2 keys back. Therefore you should earn approximately 450 Silver Keys and 48 from completing all the secret rooms.

You want to make sure you maximise the value of these silver keys and typically the higher you climb the better the rewards. Use the keys on the highest floor that you can farm at a reasonable speed and ideally on Auto. We already know that Raid has more content than we have time to play so manually running Doom Tower boss floors can be incredibly time consuming and quickly makes this not worth the trouble.

It’s also important to note that any excess silver keys you earn per day are lost when the reset takes place. If you finish the day on 15/10 Keys you will lose the remaining five keys and be reset to 10/10.

‘You can find all the odds and probabilities from each boss floor by using our Raid Stages Tool here.


Top Tips


When a new Doom Tower rotation begins, you can maximise your silver key rewards by applying some useful tips.

For Early/Mid Game Players:

  1. Focus on climbing has high as you can in Normal Difficulty before worrying about attempting Hard
  2. Use your Silver Keys for high value sets – we recommend farming:
    1. Rotation 1: Magma Dragon or Scarab King
    2. Rotation 2: Celestial Griffin or Eternal Dragon
    3. Rotation 3: Dark Fae or Celestial Griffin
  3. Aim to Farm the second 2nd appearance of the boss as this will grant you a chance for epic forge material (used to craft 4-5 star artifacts)

For Late/End Game Players:

  1. Focus on climbing to the second appearance of the boss you want to farm in Hard (usually the most accessible auto farm level as the third can be more difficult unless you are super end game).
  2. Use your Silver Keys for high value sets – we recommend farming:
    1. Rotation 1: Scarab King
    2. Rotation 2: Celestial Griffin
    3. Rotation 3: Dark Fae or Celestial Griffin
  3. Aim to Farm the second appearance of the boss as this will grant you a chance at getting far more legendary forge material (used to craft 5-6 star artifacts).

When Should I Complete Secret Rooms?


As you progress you will unlock a secret room at every fifth floor. It may be tempting to go straight in and complete the room if you have the champions to be able to do this, however doing so will generate an additional key. Silver Keys reset each day back to the 10 limit therefore you will need to use two keys reward the day you complete the room.

You want the best chance of getting forge materials as farming Doom Tower for artifact sets is very limiting. Rely on farming high quantities of the Epic (for early/mid game players) or Legendary (for late/end game players) forge materials and then running the odds of getting a good piece out of Forge.

We suggest that you wait to complete the secret rooms until you have unlocked the Boss floor you want to farm on a daily basis. This will ensure the bonus keys are spent on the best odds available to you as a player.

Hopefully these tips will help you succeed in earning amazing artifacts from the Doom Tower – let us know in the comments below if you have any tips we’ve not covered in this article!



  1. [email protected] February 25, 2021 at 7:18 pm

    I don’t see the value of farming higher levels since the higher levels take 10-30 minutes to complete per run and who has time for that?

    • Knightmayre June 5, 2021 at 7:21 pm

      If they’re taking that long, yeah it’s not worthwhile for you. I’d suggest farming the highest boss that you can do in 3-5 minutes. And eventually you’ll progress so that you can do that. The higher level the boss, The better the rewards in terms of forge materials.

  2. Trepide42 September 12, 2021 at 7:28 am

    Any tips on how to farm Dark Fae in auto?

  3. Danakar Endeel July 25, 2022 at 7:37 am

    I can’t even get past stage 3 of this Doom Tower after playing for over a month. So I guess I should just ignore it for now until I get better artifacts, full masteries, all lvl 60, or maybe get more champions that are better in Doom Tower I guess.

    Atm I like the High Elf and Dark Elf faction but my team of Deliana, Elhain, Royal Guard, Hexweaver, and Battlesage can’t seem to go very far. I also tried some combos with different characters but to no avail. I still die at the third stage; no matter what.

    Guess I’m not an “Early Game Player” yet but still a “Noob Game Player”. :P

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