Vault Keeper Wixwell Skills
Published On: April 10, 2024
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Vault Keeper Wixwell Skills – A3 Voting Options

Vault Keeper Wixwell Skills voting has just begun, with the first round being available tomorrow for the A3 Skill.

Let’s break down the new options for Vault Keeper Wixwell Skills as well as a brand new buff coming to the game!

Plarium Announcement:

Starting on April 11th, we’re doing something we’ve never done before – allowing you to vote on the skills of an upcoming Champion! This Skills Vote will be centred on the Champion we have coming as our May Fusion, with it being up to the community to decide the role this new fighter will have in battle. The voting will be divided into 4 distinct phases, with each one focusing on a specific skill:

  • April 11th: A3 Skill Vote
  • April 15th: A2 Skill Vote
  • April 18th: A1 Skill Vote
  • April 23rd: Passive Skill Vote

A3 Skill Options:

Damage Focus

Attacks 1 enemy.
Will ignore [Stone Skin] buffs.
If this attack kills the target, fills this Champion’s Turn Meter by 50%.

Defense Focus

Places 2 [Intercept] stacks on a target ally.
Also places a 60% [Increase DEF] and a [Shield] buff on all allies for 2 turns.
The value of the [Shield] is proportional to this Champion’s DEF.

Support Focus

Revives all dead allies with 50% HP and 50% Turn Meter
Places 5% [Poison] debuffs on all enemies for 2 turns. The number of debuffs placed on each target is equal to the number of allies revived.

What is Intercept Buff?

One of Vault Keeper Wixwell’s skill options has a new buff – Intercept. Here’s a bit of info about how it works:

The Intercept buff will block any attempt to place a crowd control debuff on a Champion, even if it is specified in the enemy’s skill that the debuff itself cannot be blocked. This includes Stun, Sleep, Freeze, Provoke, Fear, True Fear, Petrification, and Sheep debuffs.

A Champion can receive multiple stacks of the Intercept buff. Each Intercept stack will block one attempt at placing a crowd control debuff. After the attempt, one Intercept stack will be removed. The Intercept buff has no duration, and therefore cannot have its duration increased or decreased. The Intercept buff also cannot be spread to ally Champions.

If a crowd control debuff is placed on a Champion that has an Intercept stack and the Block Debuffs buff, an Intercept stack will not be removed. However, if a crowd control debuff that cannot be blocked is placed on a Champion with both Intercept and Block Debuffs, an Intercept stack will be removed.

If a crowd control debuff that can be blocked is placed on a Champion who is immune to that debuff, an Intercept stack won’t be removed. However, if a crowd control debuff that cannot be blocked is placed on a Champion who is immune to that debuff, an Intercept stack will be removed.

If a Champion is under an Intercept buff, and another Intercept buff with less stacks than the Champion currently has is placed on them, the number of Intercept stacks on the Champion remains unchanged.

If a Champion steals an Intercept buff from an enemy, they will also steal as many Intercept stacks as the initial Champion had when the buff was stolen.

Let us know which of Vault Keeper Wixwell Skills you’ll be voting for in the comments!

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2 months ago

I think this fusion is going to be a train wreck.
how do we choose the abilities without all the information, like multipliers for example

Last edited 2 months ago by jarbulldog
1 month ago

I don’t get why more people aren’t voting for the extra turn A1… It will cycle through the Interrupt placements faster. That’s the entire schtick with the previously chosen A2 & 3 abilities…