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Published On: January 29, 2022
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What are affinities in Raid Shadow Legends?

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Every single Champion in Raid: Shadow Legends has an affinity, whether they are enemies or your own. They are marked with a coloured icon in the bottom right of the character frame.

Magic (Blue)

Force (Red)

Void (Purple)

Spirit (Green)

Each of these affinities has a positive and negative counter affinity, apart from Void – Void is neutral to everything.


The affinity pairings:


Magic affinity is strong against Spirit affinity, however weak against Force affinity. Magic champions will do more damage against spirit affinity champions and less damage against force affinity champions.

Spirit affinity is strong against force affinity, but weak against Magic affinity. Spirit champions will do more damage against force affinity champions, but less damage against Magic affinity champions.

Force affinity is strong against Magic affinity, but weak against Spirit affinity. Force affinity champions will do more damage against Magic affinity champions but less damage against Spirit affinity champions.

Void affinity is considered the most sought after and has some of the best champions available within Raid: Shadow Legends. Void affinity is neutral to all affinities, meaning it is neither strong nor weak against the other affinities, Magic, Spirit, Force.


What do you gain for Strong Affinity?

+15% C.RATE

+30% Strong Hit Chance

+30% Damage when a strong hit occurs


What do you lose for Negative Affinity?

-20% Damage

+35% Weak hit chance

A chance of a Skill landing as a Critical Hit is reduced by 15%

When a weak hit occurs -30% Damage, debuffs cannot be applied


Is there any pros/cons to neutral affinity?

There are no disadvantages or advantages occurring. No “Buffs” and or “Debuffs” take place, unlike a “Strong” or “Weak” Affinity.

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2 years ago

My whole team is magic, so I’m can’t get past dragon 18… I hope I’ll get a good force/spirit champion during next ancient x2.