Published On: September 14, 2021
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What is a chicken?

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Quite simply, a chicken is a poultry bird that humans love to eat……wait…. what am I talking about? A chicken in Raid: Shadow Legends. now that is different! Well, the concept is the same, you feed chickens to your champions, and it makes them stronger.

Let’s break it down.

Chickens, also known as fodder or food in this genre of game, are useless champions that you upgrade to a certain star level to feed into your main champion, to bring them up to the next star rank.

For example, if you have Kael at 5 stars max level 50 and you want to upgrade him to 6 star, you would need five food champions at star rank 5.

However, in Raid Shadow Legends, there are also actual chickens

These essentially replace the need for levelling up your “food” champions. However, they are very hard to come by and you can only get them from certain areas of the game; events, tournaments and advanced quests to name a few.

Since the actual chickens are a rare commodity. We will focus on the champion version of them and how to level them up.


Best place to farm XP

The most effective way to level up your food is to campaign farm. To do this you will need to have a “campaign farmer”. This is a Champion, most likely your starter Champion, who can beat the desired stage in the campaign all by him or herself. So the idea is that you put your “Campaign farmer” in the lead position. Put three food champions in the other slots to level them up. Undoubtedly the best area of the game to do this is stage 12, level 3 of Brutal Campaign. The silver to xp to energy ratio is the best at this stage over anywhere in the game including the nightmare campaign.

For the end game player, there are certain Champions that can solo Dragon and Ice Golem dungeons, Bad el-Kazar and Urogrim to name the two most popular ones. Meaning you can bring four “food” champions into dragon 20 or 25 with one of these champions. They gain a small amount of XP per run, along with the silver and gear you gain from the run anyway. But the stats you need for this to work are very hard to achieve. So, for 90% of the player base, brutal campaign 12-3 is still the best place.

There is one other way you can level up your food Champions and that is with brews from the tavern. However, these are expensive to use.

Once you have the desired food champions at max level you will need to upgrade their rank.

The breakdown of this is as follows

1 star rank Champion needs one, 1 star rank Champion to rank up to make one 2 star rank Champion

2 star rank Champion needs two, 2 star rank Champions to rank up to make one 3 star rank Champion

3 star rank Champion needs three, 3 star rank Champions to rank up to make one 4 star rank Champion

4 star rank Champion needs four, 4 star rank Champions to rank up to make one 5 star rank Champion

5 star rank Champion needs five, 5 star rank Champions to rank up to make one 6 star rank Champion

For example, to make one Champion into a 6 star ranked Champion, using only “food” Champions. You will need said Champion at max level 50, 5 star rank, then twenty-five 4 star champions in total with five of those at max level.

I hope this has made it easier for you to understand what chickens are and how to use them.

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2 years ago

You mention in another content to “throw a few brews into the 4*/5* chickens to level them before using them as food”. What is the purpose of leveling chickens?

2 years ago
Reply to  Sydgame

for tournament points