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Published On: March 18, 2021
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What makes New World different to other MMOs?


Being the new PC MMO in the block, New World and Amazon certainly have a lot of obstacles ahead of them. And as of recent, the game has been presented with another ordeal to clear — overcoming the failure of Crucible and reassuring the gaming industry that New World will absolutely succeed. Crucible was another attempt at carving Amazon’s name in the gaming industry. However, since the game was hastily launched, they development studio had to shut the game down in just a few months of its release. Following that, the Amazon Game Studios team ended up abandoning the game entirely.

Amazon’s entry into the gaming industry has not been the best. The gaming industry has been left suspicious, wondering if they can trust the brand’s commitment to the community. I mean, if the company is willing to pull the plug on its first project after roughly 4 months of release, it is just not possible for the players to place their trust in Amazon once again, especially considering the game needs the community’s support to prosper.

Luckily though, after actually trying out the game, we can say for sure that New World’s delays might be worth it, even more so since the game is will probably provide a different take on the entire MMO genre.


My time spent in the game started at Reekwater, an eerie swamp-like area with high-level monsters and a miasmic atmosphere. The preview build allowed players to spec out their characters, which includes both Attribute and Weapon Mastery points. Therefore, I could quite easily get a decent idea of the MMO’s combat mechanics.

Unlike other games that demand button mashing and spamming hotbar skills, New World brings forth a refreshing take on the MMO combat system. Inspired from the Dark Souls series, the combat in New World is real-time and spontaneous. This results in a more skill-demanding gameplay, which could revolutionize the MMO genre forever. Enemies and foes will likely also put a good fight, thus, the players must learn to time their attacks, and position themselves properly. Not to mention, guarding and evading is extremely crucial as well.

New World enables players to switch to different weapons amidst fights, thus ensuring a more flexible gameplay. Survival in New World is quite detrimental and can prove really punishing to players who do not come prepared. Lose your focus for a split second and you’ll be sent to an early grave.


As for the world and social structures, New World features an immensely populated and far-reaching landscape, that are filled by dynamic player-driven communities. This MMORPG is hands-down the most ambitious title the gaming industry has seen in decades. And although that should get you hyped up, there is a tad bit of worry associated with the game’s ambitious nature as well.

Other than that, being a game still under-development, the game has some moments where it fails to deliver fully — at least for now. For starters, the size of the game is huge, even by MMORPG standards. Plus, other aspects such as the UI also tend to occupy the entire screen, making the entire experience overwhelming at times, particularly when it comes to the game’s depth. New World could definitely use some streamlining and make the experience less daunting for the players. Luckily though, Amazon Game Studios has been taking criticism positively, and utilizing the feedback to actually improve and refine the game.


Amazon has been delaying the game’s release for quite some time now. The recent delay indicates an August 2021 release, which we doubt will happen either. We say this because Amazon Game studios are set out to achieve something that has never been done before. And ambitions this grand often require considerable time and effort. The development team hinted at ten-year roadmaps for the MMO on several occasions. But, will that be enough?

Either way, whether the game hits each objective or not, from what we’ve seen the game will definitely be a huge milestone for the MMORPG genre itself. And needless to say, players will certainly be trying out the game regardless of its success or failure.

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