Published On: August 8, 2022
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What’s Next for Raid Shadow Legends

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Ash, owner of Aftershock Media and content creator for Raid Shadow Legends was lucky enough to grab a face-to-face interview with the team at Plarium to talk about the future for Raid and what players can expect over the coming months.

At the start of the interview, the first question on everyone’s mind was how the company is getting on with the development of the game and how it has been impacted by the war. Cirilla, answered this question by explaining that due to the war the company has been forced to move some of its larger plans for 2022 into 2023, but what does this mean and what do we still have to look forward to from Raid Shadow Legends this year?


The major PVP updates in Raid Shadow Legends have been pushed back into 2023 rather than the original plan of launching it this year. PVP is still the biggest focus of the development team and they have been working hard to make sure that everything is implemented in the right way once it is ready to go live.

Plarium is not ready to drop any information on what this PVP patch will be, but they will let the community know as soon as it is ready.

Skill Tomes

Ash raised the question that the number one thing that players would like to see in the game is a way to farm skill tomes.

The cut and dry answer that was given by Cirilla was that there are currently no plans to make books farmable in the game. However, they do understand that there is a large requirement for these tomes, so they intend to keep providing more ways to pick up skill books as rewards in Raid Shadow Legends.

Plarium is constantly looking at the data and assessing how players are getting their hands on skill books.

The Void Tower

Over a year ago there was a massive tease for the void tower, what is it and when will players get to venture inside?

Although Cirilla did not give any details of the void tower, what she did do was tell us that in the next few days there will be a big info drop on the void tower, so keep your eyes peeled on that one.

“All I can say is that it is going to provide more depth into the game and start us on this new spiral into the new PVP in the game”

AoE Counterattack Champions

There are only 3 AoE Counterattack champions in the game, will there be more? The answer to this question was that there will most likely be a counterattack champion added to the game sooner or later, but there is nothing to drop on this information right now.

More levels to the great hall or dungeon levels

For the great hall, Plarium is expecting to expand the great hall in 2023. The dungeon story is not over, however, they are looking for a way to enhance them in the future in ways outside of just adding levels.

Classic Arena

Plarium is still not happy with the balance in the arena, Gold 5 and Platinum are supposed to be highly competitive, however, they are not overly happy with how the current format works. For now, it will remain the same, but it will change in the future.

Tag Team Arena

The Tag Team arena needs changing, one of the first things that Plarium are going to do is fix the marketplace in tag team arena, this is one of the key focuses for them and they are actively trying to improve it.

Doom Tower

Doom Tower champions are underwhelming, is there any idea of allowing players to choose what champions they want to go for?

Plarium is still actively looking at balancing champions each month.

Plarium is also looking at ways to change the rewards to make the champions in the Doom Tower more accessible, it will remain this way for now, however, they are looking to make them accessible in other ways in the future.

Is Doom Tower Complete?

As it stands right now, Doom Tower is in a complete state for now.

Hydra Clan Boss

There is no plan to add another champion to the Doom Tower pool, however, there is a plan to replace the champion reward with higher-value items once you achieve it.

There are no plans to add shards or books to the reward pool for hydra.

Silver – Are there going to be new ways to farm it?

There are plans on the table to increase the amount of silver in the game, however, it is not seen as a critical issue that needs to be addressed urgently. They feel that there are enough ways to farm silver in the game right now so they are other problems that need to be addressed before this.

What is coming this year?

The void tower is coming this year, Cirilla is confident that players are going to like it and we will find out in just a few days what it will be.

What are your thoughts on this interview? Make sure that you head over to Ash’s video and give it a thumbs up and let him know in the comments!

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1 year ago

Hombre mucha informacion no ha dado la señora, podria haber sido mas generosa.

1 year ago

To quote the Bard, seems to be Much ado about Nothing! They obviously did not watch your dream!

1 year ago

so the gyst is they are happy with the game as is and screw ya for wanting more no rea answers of substance here

1 year ago

2 days?
Already gone!
Or does she mean 2 plarium days?
2 Palrium days equals at least 6,4 earthling days (sometimes more if it rains in Teleria) i gess…
So, expect this in a month or two or so… :D