Published On: December 23, 2021
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When is the best time to pull shards in Raid Shadow Legends?

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What are shards in raid shadow legends?

Shards are the foundation of Raid Shadow Legends, or at the very least, the cause of most of our addiction to the game.

They really are such a vital resource in the game, as not only are they needed to give us new Champions, they are also tied into every single Fusion Event, meaning if we want to get our hands on a champion that is considered very available, you will need to have your hands on a nice number of shards to get you through the events.


What events are there in raid to improve your odds of getting epic and legendary champions?

There are various events in the game that are supposed to enhance your chance of pulling Legendary and Epic Champions, or to boost specific Champions chance of being summoned.

  • 2x Events – These happen every 2 weeks on a rotation, so every 6 weeks you will see a rotation of each Shard type having a double chance on summoning Legendary and Epic Champions.
  • 10x Events – These happen every 2 weeks, and weave in between 2x events. While they don’t actually increase your odds of pulling higher rarities – what they do is boost your chance to get specific named champions IF you do pull a legendary or epic in that timeframe by 10x.
  • Guaranteed Champion Events – There are a lot less frequent than the two above, however they have been happening more and more frequently in recent months. The idea behind this is fairly simple, summon x amount of shards (as stated by Plarium) during the event window, and receive a specific Champion that they announce.
  • 2 for 1 Legendary Champions – Much like Guaranteed Champion Events, these are few and far between and more of a shock when we do see them, so far we have only had this event occur for Sacred Shards and I imagine it will remain that way. But the way they work, is IF you pull a legendary Champion while the event is active – you will instantly get a 2nd different legendary for free.

When should you pull shards if you are trying to be efficient in raid shadow legends?

Really the best time to pull your shards for maximum benefit from them is during 2x Events, however, this isn’t always appropriate for fusions if you are going for them, as there are always 2 summon events, only one of these will include a x2 event. You may be able to get around not summoning for the non-x2 events in which case you can save for only x2 events.

This will allow you to get the most out of your shards, by only summoning on events where the odds are increased, your champion pool will grow substantially over time.


What are the chances of pulling a legendary?

Below is the table that is visible in-game, explaining the chances to summon each rarity from specific shards. When x2 Events are active, the Epic and Legendary chances are doubled.


Why are the chances so low?

We believe the chances are the way they are, to make the feeling of pulling a legendary something that is somewhat special, especially early on when you have a limited amount of them.

It’s a feeling that we all chase, and at that moment there is a lot of excitement when you see that gold portrait before discovering whether you’re hit the jackpot or pulled another useless/duplicate legendary.

If the changes were significantly higher, there would be less of that rush as it wouldn’t be as rare as it is currently and everyone would have access to legendaries which in turn would reduce the use of other rarities in the game who are perfectly suitable and better in some cases.


When you start the game how long will it take to get a legendary?

Currently, 7 days.. as Plarium are currently in a partnership with S1mple, you get your hands on Aleksandr the Sharpshooter after just 7 days of playing the game, but outside of these events, it could be anywhere up to 6 months when you get Scyl of the Drakes, it all depends on your luck and spending habits, as the Mercy System in the game will secure you a legendary eventually.


What is the mercy system?

The Mercy system is Raid’s bad luck prevention system, it activates after you summon a certain number of shards without getting a Champion of a specific rarity.

Once activated, the Mercy System increases your odds of summoning specific Champions of a specific Rarity with every consecutive shard you summon of that Type. For example, after summoning 20 Void Shards without getting an Epic Champion, your chance of getting an Epic Champion from Void Shards will increase by 2% with every shard – until you get an Epic Champion, at which point the odds will reset back to the default chances of that Rarity.


How does it work in raid shadow legends?

Here’s how the Mercy System works:

  • Your mercy counters are tracked individually for each Type of Shard – meaning if you Summon a Legendary Champion from a Sacred Shard, it won’t affect your Mercy counter for Ancient Shards
  • After you successfully summon either an Epic or Legendary Champion, your Mercy counter will reset for that Rarity from that Type of shard, and your chances will reset to those displayed in the Default Summoning Chances table above.
  • For Ancient and Void Shards, the mercy counters for both Epic and Legendary Champions are tracked individually. This means that even if you get a Legendary Champion, it won’t reset your Epic Mercy counter.
  • The chance increases are additive, not multiplicative (meaning an increase of 2% to an 8% chance will take it to 10%)

When do you pull your shards, do you save for x2s? Let us know in the comments below!

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