Published On: August 26, 2021
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Who owns Raid: Shadow Legends?

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In short, Plarium. They released Raid: Shadow Legends for mobile on 29th July 2018 and for PC on 21st January 2020, just in time for, well we all know what.

“Plarium is dedicated to creating outstanding mobile and social experiences for hardcore and casual gamers worldwide”


Who are Plarium?

Plarium is an Israeli based mobile, social and web-based game developer and publisher. In layman’s terms, they create games on the Appstore, social media platforms and some pc based games.

Plarium was founded in 2009 by Avraham Shalel, Gabi Shalel, Illya Turpiashvili, Haim Turpiashvili, Ivan Vorobeychyk, Michel Morovsky and Yaron Hakimi in Herzliya, Israel.

They now have offices in Israel, USA, Russia and Ukraine.

The company started out by developing games for the Eastern European casual gaming market such as Farmandia on the Russian social network Vkontakte (essentially Facebook geared toward Eastern European users). In 2011 they began developing MMO’s and in February 2011 they released Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy, reaching 20 million users.

On the 10th of August 2017, Plarium was acquired by Aristocrat Leisure LTD.


Who are Aristocrat Leisure?

“At Aristocrat our mission is to bring joy to life through the power of play”


Aristocrat Leisure LTD is an Australian gambling machine manufacturer founded in Sydney in 1953 and currently headed by Trevor Croker CEO. Today they have offices in Sydney, South Africa, Russia and USA. Aristocrat is the largest gambling machine manufacturer in Australia and one of the largest manufacturers of slot machines in the world.

Aristocrat started out making slot machines and other gambling machines and found global success in 1979, so how on earth have they branched into mobile gaming? Short answer, they bought their way in.

  • July 2014 Aristocrat Leisure LTD bought Video Gaming Technologies for approximately $1.3 billion, VGT are responsible for a lot of fan favourite casino games like Lucky ducky® and Mr. Money bags® and develop casino games for class II gaming markets in the US. VGT were founded in 1991, in Tennessee by Jon Yarbrough, and since being bought out by Aristocrat have increased their gambling machines in North America from 8,200 to 28,400.
  • August 2017 Aristocrat Leisure LTD bought Plarium, who we all know and hate to love, for $500 million and an earn–out arrangement to shareholders.
  • November 2017 Aristocrat Leisure bought Big Fish games for $990 million, I won’t go into this company much however as there’s a lot of controversy around this company *cough* lawsuit *cough*. Big Fish Games, founded in 2002, are a Seattle based mobile ‘tap’ gaming company responsible for smart phone favourites such as EverMerge, Gummy Drop and Cooking Craze, basically, those games that we can all admit to downloading at some point and using to ‘kill time’ whilst waiting for doctor’s appointment or even on the toilet. Don’t deny it, we all do it!
  • As of the 2nd August 2021, Plarium have entered into an agreement to purchase Futureplay, a Helsinki based mobile game studio founded in 2015 by a team of five Finnish gaming veterans, Futureplay are the creators of games such as Idle Farming Empire and Battlelands Royale. We have no information currently on how much Plarium are paying to acquire Futureplay, however Plarium released this statement

“Plarium will be focused on investing in Futureplay allowing it to accelerate its growth and footprint in the Finnish gaming market, which is well recognized as a global hub for great talent. We see in Future play a talented and ambitious team to partner with for the long term as both companies share a similar culture and vision”.

I personally am very interested in seeing where this new partnership will lead and wish them the best in their newest venture.


Still with me? If so, great! If you got stumped by the wall of text, let me break it down for you. Aristocrat Leisure LTD made some very smart purchases which allowed them to move from casino machines into gaming as we know it today, including our much beloved Raid: Shadow Legends.


What else do Plarium do?

Now as a fan of Raid: Shadow Legends you may be wondering what other games Plarium have made, well I’ve done the research and have compiled a list plus a summary of their synopsis for you – you’re welcome, let’s get straight into it:

Vikings: War of Clans

In the distant lands of deep rivers and majestic fjords, cold winds blow, storms rage and blizzards whirl. Only the fierce Vikings can survive here. For them, death is but a path to Valhalla.

Lost Island: Blast Adventure

Welcome to your very own island. Step onto its shores and solve puzzles, renovate, decorate and match to transform it into the home of your dreams.

Throne: Kingdom at War

The Kingdom of Amaria is in turmoil! King Gerhard has suddenly died, not only the throne but the fate of the entire kingdom lies in the balance, join the epic fight!

Stormfall: Rise of Balur

The empire of Stormfall has fallen, and rival warlords join battle across the continent as an ancient evil rises once again. It falls to you to lead your people and your army.

Sparta: War of Empires

Enter Sparta, a 5th century BC Greek world of politics and combat where you must save your city-state and rise to dominate a massively MMO universe.

Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare

Our latest hardcore strategy MMO featuring a new level of advanced gameplay and groundbreaking graphics, including characters and maps created using motion capture and 3D scanning technology.

Terminator Genisys: Future War

Combat robots and reckless rebels are ready for this decisive battle. Skynet’s central core lies destroyed and John Connor has disappeared – now you must lead the army.

Soldiers Inc.

As the newest mercenary commander in the Zandia, you’ll master strategy, tactics and deception to strike it rich or die trying.

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Set sail for riches and plunder as you battle your way from half-drowned prisoner to legendary scourge of the seven seas.

Stormfall: Age of War

The old kings have fallen, the commoners look to you for salvation. Master strategy, diplomacy and medieval warfare as you forge alliances, defeat your rivals, and lay claim to the throne of Stormfall.

Total Domination

Humanity has been ravaged by a global plague. Your mission? Rebuild society, form your own faction with other survivors, and launch your campaign of global conquest.

Total Domination: Reborn

Civilization has fallen, and war is now the only world order. Join one of the thousands of clans in an epic war for the future – anywhere you go.

Alliance: Heroes of the Spire

A long time ago, a magical cataclysm nearly destroyed the world. On the horizon, a second cataclysm threatens – but this time, the Heroes of the spire will be ready!

Nords: Heroes of the North

Build an army, gather precious resources, and forge alliances with other players to expand your clans influence over Shingård! Rule your stronghold with an icy fist and train an army of ferocious to take back the land. Though it may feel like this winter will never end, nothing lasts forever. And with your help, the Ice Queen’s quest for domination will be short-lived.

 Mech Arena: Robot Showdown

Mech Arena is a fast-paced PvP mech shooter with competitive mayhem for everyone. Choose from dozens of weapons and mechs with special abilities for endless combinations. Fight with friends or compete in a global arena of players, maps and modes. Take on the world in the most explosive, fun and chaotic sport the future has to offer – Mech Arena.


Have you played any of the other games Plarium have released?
If so – let us know what you thought of them in the comments.

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2 years ago

I’ve played Viking War of clans, and after several weeks, I deleted the application from my PC.
When I first discovered this game, I did like it.
But, after a long while, I was bored with its mechanics. Not much interest for me, too much waiting time for things, and no good rewards. Unlike RSL, I was tied of this game after a few months.

2 years ago

Sooooo good – Jeff and Prunes