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Published On: November 15, 2023
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Why Should you Join a Guild in Warcraft Rumble


If you are pondering Why you Should Join a Guild in Warcraft Rumble then let us give you some great pointers to sway your decision! Guilds are important in any game as the social aspect is great and you can make new friends, especially in the Warcraft world where guilds are the bread and butter of the game. Warcraft Rumble is no different!

Firstly the community in the game is really fun and friendly so make friends with your guild and they can help you out when you’re stuck on a certain level or you just need advice. It is also good for theory crafting decks together that you think may be strong so talk to your guild and get to know them

Secondly, the War chest increases the more active you are, so if you and your guild mates smash through PvP then your war chest bonuses will increase and who doesn’t love free stuff! If you do your bit to help towards the chest then others will do it as well and you’ll all benefit from it. Getting the family tomes will really help boost the levels of your minis. So if you see a family not doing so well like Blackrock for our guild then pick it up and get it done as you and your guild will benefit.

Thirdly you can get a Rare Leader Sylvanas Windrunner once you have 10,000 crests. She is a good leader although on the expensive side, she summons a Banshee on death so you can have a lot of fun with her. Sylvanas Windrunner’s leader ability is called Windrunner Warchief and what it does is: All Undead and Horde Minis gain 30% Movement Speed near Sylvanas. So if you have a strong Undead/Horde deck then she can lead them to victory!

For all those competitive players there are leaderboards for you to challenge for the top spots such as most sigils, most Honour in PvP, highest collection level and so on. Soon this will be integrated globally but for now, just trying to top your guild is a big achievement! Even if they don’t know it you could have a secret challenge to be top!

Lastly, you can see each other’s, top teams and see how they are doing in PvP so if someone is climbing the PvP ladder really quickly you can see and copy their teams so you can also climb the ladder just as quickly!

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