Published On: October 16, 2022
Start your Raid Journey Today!

Win $1000 or FREE LEGENDARIES in Raid Shadow Legends!

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With Halloween quickly approaching, I hope you’re ready to go Trick or Treating at Plarium’s front door, as they’ve just released an event with the chances of winning some HUGE Prizes, including the following:

  • Up to $1000 Gift Cards
  • Free Legendary Champions
  • Free Epic Champions
  • In-game Energy Refills!

Of course, there is a high chance you get a trick instead so be prepared for a Jump Scare! Let’s check out how to enter your chances for these rewards!


How to get involved?

Well, it’s very straight forward – simply go to this web page, follow the simple instructions on the screen, and spin to win!

Unfortunately, this is ONLY available to residents of the United States, and only for those who are over the age of 18.

Step 1:

Go to the Website linked above

Step 2:

Enter your Raid Player ID – This can be found by clicking on your avatar in-game, selecting info – then Copy ID.

Do not worry, NOTHING can be done with this ID unless it is executed by Plarium Staff, such as giving you rewards from this Event!

Step 3:

Be scared or get lucky!


What are the chances to win?

There is a full breakdown with the chances of winning each prize – we will post this below.

Prize Amount available Chances
$1000 Amazon Gift Card 5 5:1330
$250 Amazon Gift Card 20 20:1330
$100 Amazon Gift Card 50 50:1330
$50 Amazon Gift Card 100 100:1330
Harvest Jack Legendary 5 5:1330
Brakus the Shifter Legendary 5 5:1330
Little Miss Annie Legendary 5 5:1330
Narma the Returned Legendary 5 5:1330
Madame Serris Epic 25 25:1330
Miscreated Monster Epic 55 55:1330
Masked Fearmonger Epic 55 55:1330
50x Auto Battles + 1 Energy Refill 500 500:1330

Let us know what you get in the comments!

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1 year ago

Site is completely broken. Did it once with my main, said it has to be a new account “started after Oct 5th”. Then tried it with my new account (2 days old) and says “can only spin once”. Typical Plarium trash. Combined with the 2 week early cancellation of the UDK event and a mediocre (at best) legendary last week, Plarium is really stinking up the season this year!

1 year ago

Have to say, it was REALLY dumb of Plarium to put out a buggy website with horrible odds. If they were smart, EVERY player would be eligible (not just new accounts) and if you get “trick” you get something lame, like 50 energy. At least people would be mad then.

1 year ago

Well “ONLY available to residents of the United States” it’s not fair, our purches from Europe are ok, but give us chance to win something is bad
Some one made negative campaigning in Plarium or what – I don’t understand..