Published On: December 5, 2022
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10x Summoning Event for Corvis and Cardiel During CVC


Today we have received news of the upcoming 10x Summoning Event in Raid Shadow Legends that will be live this week. During this event, there will be increased chances of pulling legendary champions Corvis the Corruptor and Cardiel.

Here is what we know:

Hey everyone!
Some news about the upcoming events:
On Tuesday, December 6th, we’re planning to launch x10 event to summon Corvis the Corruptor from Ancient and Sacred Shards
(2) And on Wednesday, December 7th, we’re planning to launch x10 event to summon Cardiel from Void Shards

These are 2 particularly strong champions in their own right and we are likely to see high-end players that have been pooling their shards for an opportunity like this try to pick up these champions.

As with all 10x events, there is no other increase to the actual chance of getting a legendary champion, and although this event will run in line with the CVC event it is also likely that we will be seeing some kind of Christmas fusion appear over the next week or so. No information has been passed on to content creators about a Christmas fusion yet, however, we will keep you posted.

corvis the corruptor portrait

Corvis the Corruptor

When plague strikes Teleria, look no further than Corvis the Corruptor as the culprit of the outbreak. Shunned by his Sacred Order brethren, Corvis revels in bringing his unique toxins to all parts of the land.

Corvis is a powerful Poisoner who certainly has a home in any 2:1 Traditional Clan Boss team with his ability to extend enemy debuffs and increase duration of ally buffs by 1 turn on a 3 turn cooldown. His second AoE on the A3 applies 4 Poisons and a Poison Sensitivity (if 2 or more poisons land). His unique passive reduces the damage you take from enemies who are under Poison debuffs (up to 25%). He is also Defense based making him naturally tanky and easy to keep alive.

If you are in need of an S Tier poisoner with the potential to support your team in reaching a 2:1, Corvis is likely to top of that list. His damage is serviceable but unlikely to break any Arena Meta’s so you should consider him a PvE Champion.


Cardiel is Raids golden boy, I mean look at him Gold EVERYWHERE and even a halo. He carries a sweet-looking shield and his awesome blue flaming sword!

He is a Void affinity legendary from the Sacred Order faction. Cardiel was added in patch 3.30 in February 2021 as part of the Valentine fusion champions and has a link to a champion from the Demonspawn faction Sicia Flametongue. This is a classic Angels and Demons link and a part of Cardiels passive is to make his allies take less damage from DemonspawnUndead, and Knight Revenants. Cardiel has a great A3 ability that brings all allies into the attack with increase Critical Rate and Critical Damage. He also has a strong A2 that cleanses his team of debuffs and then puts a revive on death ability on them. This champion is strong in the Arena, in Clan Boss, and Faction Wars but can be a great support almost anywhere.

He is a great asset to any team and player lucky enough to pull him.

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1 year ago

Oh man! I’m right there with you Hell Hades!

Antonio Manocchio
Antonio Manocchio
1 year ago

Per avere un Lego già ce ne vuole di fortuna !!!! Immagina per avere Corvis o Cardiel !!!!

1 year ago

I want both, but is reasonable and skip 10x events.