Published On: January 31, 2024
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2x Sacred & 10x Alatreon Blademaster Event – Raid Shadow Legends


Plarium has announced this weekend’s summoning event will consist of a 2x Sacred Shards Event, paired with a 10x for Alatreon Blademaster!

This comes as a slight shock as the pattern of 2x Events keeps changing and being unpredictable after being set in stone for the last 3 years, we expected an Ancient 2x This weekend instead!

Let’s check out Plarium’s announcement…

Plarium Announcement

Hey y’all!

This Friday, February 2nd, we’re planning to launch two events simultaneously

  • We’re planning to launch x2 event to summon Legendary Champions from Sacred Shards
  • And also, we’re planning to launch x10 event to summon Alatreon Blademaster from Sacred Shards

Please, note that the duration of the x10 event will be one day shorter than the duration of the x2 event.

Is Alatreon Blademaster Worth it?

Given the fact that Alatreon has just been available in a Hero’s Path Event, many will have already picked him up, however, the requirements were very tough, and it was no easy task!

However, if you are still hunting for Alatreon, it is really important to remember that he is an exclusive legendary champion, meaning once the Monster Hunter Events are over, you will no longer be able to collect him, so opportunities like this may be a great chance for you to get your hands on a Legendary that could change your account in areas like Hydra, Clan Boss and Doom Tower.

The Protected Buffs that Alatreon brings are incredibly valuable, and he appears to be a very strong supporting Champion for your teams, while he is very new and not a lot of people have had a chance to do crazy tests with him yet, on paper he appears to be a great addition, it’s just a shame that he’s exclusive to this time period.


Are you going for the 2x Sacred Shards Event? Let us know in the comments!

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4 months ago

His a1 apparently is not bugged according to Plarium. Beware if you are going for him.