The Awakening Boost and Anniversary Event Path are live in Raid: Shadow Legends
Published On: June 3, 2024
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Anniversary Path and Awakening Boost!

Plarium has announced a new Anniversary Path and Awakening Boost!

The Awakening Boost gives an increased chance to summon 5-Star and 6-Star Perfect Souls from Mortal and Immortal Soulstones, while the Anniversary Path has lots of rare loot on offer, including a Sacred Shard, Skill Books, and a new skin for Arbiter.

Soulstones are used to summon Perfect Souls at the Altar of Souls (accessible to players lvl 42 and above). Perfect Souls are used to further enhance your Champions through Awakening.

We’ll dive into the Anniversary Path details below. Here’s the Awakening Boost announcement from Plarium:

Plarium Announcement

Hey y’all!

Monday, June 3rd, we’re planning to launch an Awakening Boost event, giving you x2 chance to summon 5* and 6* Perfect Souls from Mortal and Immortal Soulstones! Please, note, that this boost applies to the Soul’s Rank regardless of its Rarity.

This event will last 96 hours.

Are the Awakening Boost and Anniversary Path Worth it?

Awakening Boost Event

This Awakening Boost essentially reduces the chances of you getting the lowest Rank Soul. This reduced chance is then added to the odds of getting 5-Star and 6-Star Perfect Souls from Mortal and Immortal Soulstones.

Due to this approach, the payoff is slightly better for Immortal Soulstones (as the lowest Rank is 3-Star), giving you a 24% chance for a 5-Star Perfect Soul, and a 12% chance for a 6-Star Perfect Soul.

Mortal Soulstone odds don’t benefit quite as much, as the lowest rank is 1-Star. During the event you have a 3% for a 5-Star, and 1.5% chance for a 6-Star Perfect Soul.

If you’ve been saving Soulstones, these increased chances make this the best time to summon – especially if you’re after high rank Perfect Souls. Using Soulstones and upgrading Champions will earn you Anniversary Coins for the Anniversary Path, too. Given there are some valuable items in the Anniversary Path, there’s good synergy here for players after Perfect Souls.

Anniversary Path Event

The Anniversary Path has some good rewards on offer, including a Sacred Shard, Skill Tomes, 6-Star Mythical Chaos Ore, Accessory Oils and Powders, and so on. At 25,000 Anniversary Points, you can also unlock a Champion skin for Arbiter. While the skin definitely looks great, some players might not feel the grind is worth it – especially as a free Arbiter skin can be earned through Clan Wars. That said, there’s a good chance this Skin won’t be available again!

Whatever you’re planning on unlocking, here are amount of Anniversary Coins you’ll need to fully unlock the most valuable items.

  • Arbiter Skin: 69,500
  • All Shards: 67,000
  • Legendary Book: 35,000
  • Unlock all the above: 164,500

Use the spreadsheet below to find out exactly how much Champion upgrading and Soulstones you’ll need to access the rewards you’re after, and watch Saphyrra’s video for a walkthrough and overview.

Will you take part in these events? What do you think of the rewards? Let us know in the comments!

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