Awaken Chaos Era: How Do You Get Summons?

Published On: March 4, 2022

How Do You Get Summons?


Anyone who has played these types of games knows that they completely rely on the summoning aspect, and it’s oftentimes one of the most fun things in the game! The questions are…how do you get them and how many?


Awaken: Chaos Era is one of the more generous gacha games I’ve played. It has so many ways to obtain summons, from a free daily summon to completing rotating monthly game modes (Void Tower) we can get a lot of summons per month. To determine how many that is, I’ve broken down each game mode that gives you summons and averaged them out on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.


As you can see, I’ve created a list of every single game mode that provides summons, and how many they provide. Now some of these game modes have daily, weekly, or monthly resets, so in order to get a reasonable measurement, I averaged them out based on how much they reset.

For example, Void Tower resets monthly. You get four advanced summons from Void Tower. A month is calculated as 30 days here, which means that you will be getting .133 advanced shards per day. Now obviously this isn’t how it works, but in order to get a more realistic daily summon amount throughout the month, this needed to be done.

Once you average all these out, you get this:

8.68 Daily summons
60.76 Weekly summons
260.41 Monthly summons

Events Weekly Quests Void Tower (N) Void Tower (H) Dispatch Hero Essence Trial Shop
Adv. Summons 1.50 1.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 5.00 0.57
Daily 0.57
Weekly 1.50 1.00 4.0 5.0 4.01
Monthly 6.43 4.29 4.00 4.00 17.14 21.43 17.19
Events Shop Guild Vault Diamond Shop Daily Summon Battle Pass Login Gold Shop Arena
Adv. Summons 3.00 0.19 3.22 1.00 5.00 5.00 2.00 6.72
Daily 0.19 3.22 1.00
Weekly 3.00 1.33 22.54 7.00 6.72
Monthly 12.86 5.68 96.60 30.00 5.00 5.00 2.00 28.80

Now, this is obviously not realistic for a lot of people who don’t like to spend EVERYTHING on summons. As most people who have played these games know, summons are typically not the most efficient to spend your resources on. So I decided to create a couple more categories to create a more realistic prediction:

Total with no diamonds used, no token currency used, and not finishing Void Tower hard: 95.29 Summons

Total with no diamonds used, no token currency used: 99.29 Summons

Total with no token currency used: 195.89 Summons


As you can see, without using any currency and not being able to complete some of the harder content, you are still obtaining 95.29 shards PER MONTH! Since this game guarantees a legendary after 101 shards, that is essentially a legendary character per month! Not to mention that this is just including the advanced summons, there are still stardust summons, ancient summons, and elemental summons that we also obtain, albeit a small amount.


The last thing I wanted to mention was how some of the pity systems worked before you went off and summoned all your shards. This game does have the 101 summon pity on advanced shards, however, there are a couple of other factors to know. 

First, the limited summons have their own pity. 

Second, the elemental summons don’t have a pity at all.

Third, the ancient summons actually USE your advanced summon pity.

This third point is HUGE. The game also has a hidden epic pity, every 20 summons, you obtain an epic. If you were to use an ancient summon, and pull an epic, on your 19th consecutive elite through advanced summons, it will use that epic pity. This means that you will go to 39 pulls before obtaining that epic. I learned this the hard way. This also applies to legendaries. If you are on 60 shards of your legendary pity and you pull a legendary from the ancient summon, it will reset your pity back to 0. Therefore, it is important to time your ancient summon pulls until after you have pitied your legendary.


Hopefully this gives you some insight and some ability to plan out summons for future new characters or perhaps another guaranteed summon event like the one we currently have for Garrell. At the very least, it’s fun to look at all the summons rolling in. I know I love summoning, so I best be getting all the summons I can.


Check out the video below on this, by  Veiled Shot Gaming


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