Champion Rating: S

General Areas

Arena Offense: 9
Arena Defense: 9
Guild Boss (Wood): 9
Guild Boss (Fire): 8
Guild Boss (Water): 9

Arcane Dominator (Gear)

Roaring Tulpa: 9
Ash Magisteria: 8
Queen of Tides: 8
Witch of the Wind: 8
Gemini Dragon: 8

No Man's Land (Skill)

Bane Wraith: 8
Flame Lizard: 8
Wrathful Flood: 8
Lord of Holy Light: 8
Shadow Captive: 8





Sylan was added into the game on the 15th February 2022. We will update this based on a real in-game test, however on Paper she looks to be a very strong addition to many accounts, with her AOE control, and support for your team.

Spirit Sand Protector [Trait]

When taking damage provides a 35% chance of said damage being ineffective. Can only be triggered once per turn. Immunes Disguise.

Quicksand Fury Strike

Deals 100% damage to an enemy, with a 50% chance to apply [Attack Down] for 1 turn(s).
– Level 2 Damage +10%
– Level 3 Damage +10%

Sand Shield - 4 Turn Cooldown

Grants all team members Defense Up for 3 turn(s). This character will counterattack when teammates with Defense Up are attacked, dealing 80% damage with a 80% chance of inflicting Defense Down on the target for 1 turn(s).
– Level 2 Damage +10%
– Level 3 Defense Up duration extended by 1 turn(s).
– Level 4 Damage +10%
– Level 5 Defense Down Chance to apply +30%

Sand Burial - 4 Turn Cooldown

Deals 120% damage to all enemies with a 85% chance to inflict Accuracy Down for 1 turn(s). Also inflicts Stun on the target for 1 turn(s).
– Level 2 Damage +10%
– Level 3 Damage +10%
– Level 4 Ability Cooldown is reduced by 1 turn(s).

Recommended Gear Sets

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