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Published On: May 4, 2024
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Soulstone Boost Event! 2x Chances!

The soulstone summoning system has been in Raid: Shadow Legends for around 18 months granting you souls for your favourite Champions to awaken them. Awakening your champions allows you to select a powerful blessing giving them additional skills and effects. The challenge, however, has been acquiring the souls for the champions you want with limited access to Soulstones and incredibly low chances of acquiring high rank souls.

Well, another Soulstone Boost event is around the corner, this Monday get involved with double the chances to get high rank souls!

What is the Awakening Boost?

Much like summoning events for Champions in Shards, the Awakening Boost will increase the chance of you acquiring the highest rank souls from Mortal and Immortal soulstones. Note that the rarity chances will remain unchanged and the announced change will not apply to the best stone – Eternal Soulstones. With boosted events, the chances change by removing the chance to get the lowest rank and instead increasing the highest rank. This will change the odds as follows:

Rank Mortal Soulstone Immortal Soulstone Eternal Soulstone
1 Star 47% (-0.75%)
2 Star 34%
3 Star 12% 44% (-6)
4 Star 4% 32%
5 Star 1.5% 12% 75%
6 Star 1.5% (+0.75%) 12% (+6%) 25%

Does this change Soul Summoning?

With the increase only applying to Rank, we still face the same challenges with Rare Champion souls featuring the most. With Mortal Soulstones, there will be a very small effect with only 0.75% chance increase meaning you will probably witness no difference when pulling those stones. That being said the odds improve with the Immortal Soulstone with you gaining a 6% Rank 6 rate. The Eternal Soulstone would have experienced the best results but this awakening boost is not applicable. Most players will be seeking those powerful 6 star awakening legendary souls so we can combine the probabilities to see how the Awakening Boost improves this outcome:

  1. Mortal Soulstones: 0.056% > 0.13%
  2. Immortal Soulstones: 0.90% > 1.80%
  3. Eternal Soulstones: 7.5% (Unchanged)

Immortal soulstones will see an improved odds but the opportunities for you to acquire the Rank 6 Legendary soul remains very very slim!

Should you summon during Awakening Boost?

Despite the limited impact to Mortal Soulstones, any boosted summons will be a better opportunity to acquire the desirable Rank 6 souls. We expect Plarium will launch a Soul Summoning Chase or Rush event during the boosted window meaning you can acquire additional rewards for summoning your souls.

At HH Gaming, we think this is another step forward in improving the opportunities for players to gain the awakening levels they want and need for content so we welcome the change but we still would like to see more work towards improving the volume and accessibility of earning soulstones in Raid: Shadow Legends.

Why Is Awakening So Important?

Awakened champions gain access to powerful bonus stats in addition to a blessing of your choosing, enhancing your skills or champion’s power. As content becomes more challenging and as you climb the Arena ladders, you will need these stats and blessings to conquer these challenges. The bonuses scale based on rarity with Mythical champions gaining significant stat benefits, likely the largest of any content feature in the game.

The blessings can have a huge impact on your team. It can provide additional boss killing power with the like of Soul Reap or Brimstone. It can cause high levels of frustration in the Arena with blessings like Polymorph or Life Harvest. Alternatively it can just convert your champion into an absolute power house of a damage dealer with Crushing Rend.

Many blessings come into power when they reach Rank 5 and 6 awakening level so a boosted chance to acquire these awakening levels is what players should find desirable. Additionally, the Cursed City of Sintranos contains a number of stages that require a minimum level of Awakening on your team with the hardest requiring 20 stars (average 4 star per champion).

We have compiled an updated Blessing Tier List following the release of Update 8.20 which contained a series of buffs and changes to the system and are hard at work at updating our entire champion guide with new recommendations.

Will you be summoning this Soulstone event? Comment Below!

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23 days ago

the post above says the boost applies to Mortal and Immortal Soulstones but in-game it says the boost only applies to Immortal Soulstones. Which is correct ? i’m assuming its the in-game message and its only Immortal ? can you confirm ?