Published On: June 7, 2024
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Best Dark Fae Clone Killers

Having your most powerful Champions turned against you can spell the end of your run Dark Fae fast if you’re not prepared. These ultimate Dark Fae clone killers will make sure you mop up your team’s evil twins quickly!

When you first approach Dark Fae, she will instantly clone your entire team of Champions. These clones are exact copies – right down to your gear and Blessings. What’s more, you can’t hit Dark Fae until the clones are destroyed!

There are two effective ways to beat your clones:

  1. Hit them hard with AoE attacks and kill them fast
  2. Control the clones’ Turn Meters to reduce the amount of actions they can take (while you kill them fast)

Even when you’ve defeated all the initial clones, Dark Fae may banish (and clone) one of your Champions if you can’t keep her Turn Meter down. She will always prioritise the highest ATK champion on your team, so you can strategically avoid this if required.

The following Champions don’t just make clone crushing simple – they’re also solid choices for taking down Dark Fae herself once the clones are dealt with thanks to their combined AoE skills, debuffs, and Turn Meter controlling abilities.

If you’re looking for general tactics for this Boss, check out our Dark Fae guide too.



Her Passive gives her hefty buffs of 50% [Increase ATK] and a 30% [Increase C.DMG] when she has two or fewer active buffs. This makes her AoE A3 hit those clones hard. When fully upgraded, her A2 delivers 100% Turn Meter depletion too – excellent for Dark Fae in general.



When Hurndig kills an enemy with his A1, he gets an extra turn. This means you can then hit all clones with his A2, which also applies [Decrease DEF] and [Decrease ACC] debuffs to all targets. To top it off, his A3 fully depletes the enemy’s turn meter.


georgid the breaker portrait

Living up to his “Breaker” moniker, all of Georgid’s skill attacks have a 50% chance to ignore 50% of the enemy DEF. Couple this with his A2, which hits all enemies and also decreases their Turn Meters by 30%, and you’ve got an ideal clone clobberer.


Grohak’s A2 makes a great opener – it attacks all enemies and fills his Turn Meter by 20% for each critical hit. This then leads nicely into his A3 which steals the target’s Turn Meter and adds a 25% [Weaken] on critical hits.


Another strong opener, Vlad’s A2 AoE applies [Leech] while stealing or reducing the targets’ turn meter by 50% (depending on the enemy Faction type). His A3 is another good AoE with a [Decrease DEF] debuff. He also places [Perfect Veil] on himself with his A3.

Big ‘Un

Well-known for his hard-hitting AoE skills, Big ‘Un’s A2 can potentially [Stun] with a 50% chance of decreasing enemy accuracy. Big ‘Un’s A3 also hits all enemies twice and reduces their Turn Meters by 25%, with a 30% chance it will also decrease enemy SPD.


Basileus is a great choice if you’re still progressing through the game. His A3 hits all enemies, with a 100% chance to [Stun] when fully upgraded. If the [Stun] doesn’t land, he reduces enemy Turn Meters by 50%. His triple-hit A2 is also decent in general.


Yakarl the Scourge

With an A3 that has a 75% [Freeze] chance, attacks all enemies, and can land an unstoppable [Freeze] if targets have 75% or above on their Turn Meter, Yakarl truly is the scourge of clones. His A2 can also hit Dark Fae with [Decrease SPD] and Turn Meter Steal.


Hegemon likes to be first, and his unique Passive ensures he always is! This is incredibly powerful against Dark Fae’s clones. His AoE A2 is useful too, and he can place [Decrease SPD] with his A1 – helping control Dark Fae’s Turn Meter once clones are dead.


Siegehulk smash (clones)! This towering monstrosity lays waste to clones with his A2 which grants him a 50% [Increase ATK] buff before he lets rip. Even better, his A2 also places [Decrease DEF] on all targets. His A1 can apply a useful Turn Meter decrease too.


She’s not quite Coldheart, but a great clone-killing alternative! Her A2 attacks all enemies, with a bonus small self-heal on critical hits. Her A1 can also be useful in finishing off any clones that survive your initial onslaught. Finally, her A3 is great for Dark Fae Turn Meter control.


kellan the shrike portrait

Kellen delivers great utility for the Dark Fae fight. From wiping out Clones with his AoE A2, to decreasing Dark Fae’s Turn Meter by 50% with his double hit A1, he’s a solid choice. Additionally, he can apply [Perfect Veil] to himself with his A1.


This ancient vampire has two hard-hitting AoE attacks! His A2 can [Stun] all targets, or [Decrease SPD] by 30% if the stuns don’t land. His A3 also hits all enemies, with the added bonus of a 75% Turn Meter decrease – excellent for clones or Dark Fae herself.

Have you tried any of these Champions for your Dark Fae runs? If so, which ones? Let us know in the comments!

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3 days ago

Good list. Psylar is the only one that I feel like was snubbed.

2 days ago

I use Hordin as I received him early on. With his ability to take an extra turn if you kill an enemy, his hard hits even on his a1, and his atk down for dark face, he is a fantastic low hp option to do some WORK!