Published On: March 9, 2022
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Double chance for Stun Gear!

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We have just received news that there will be a 2x Fire knight event running in Raid Shadow Legends. Fire knight is a great dungeon that most end-game players focus on to find upgrades for their champions!

Here is what we know:

From now until the 11th of March 10am(GMT) Raid has released a 2x Stun gear event in Fire Knight! This is a great chance to build up your Stun gear collection so your aoe attackers have a great chance to stun the waves of mobs. Having someone in stun gear allows you more time to do damage as the stunned mobs are unable to move for a turn. Make sure you smash your energy as we see it as a worth event!

The Stun Set is a must for nearly all of your Faction wars teams. Find a good champion that has either an AOE A1 or more than one AOE ability and they will help you get through those pesky stages. Here is a link to an article talking about each faction and stun sets.

If you are looking for tips on how to beat the Fire Knight make sure that you check out our guide here

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