Published On: October 3, 2021
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Stun Set Champions – who are the best for each faction

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Banner Lords

The Banner Lords faction does not have many AOE attack champions but here are a few that could benefit from the Stun Set.

Richtoff the Bold is the only Banner Lord champion that has an AOE A1. Perfect candidate for the Stun Set. Oathbound has a lot of utility for Faction Wars already, an AOE Decrease Attack and Decrease turn meter on his A2, adding the Stun set would make him even better. Dagger has AOE Decrease Defence on her A2 adding the Stun Set would make this ability amazing.

The Sacred Order

Like the Banner Lords, there are not many AOE abilities here that would work with the Stun Set.

Cupidus has an AOE A1 that hits with godlike power, add a Stun set and it’s the perfect combination. Whomever you don’t kill has a chance to be stunned. Abbess has an AOE on her A2 with Decrease Defence and an AOE Nuke for an A3. Adding the stun set would be great for her. Deacon Armstrong when booked cycles through his abilities very quickly meaning he uses his AOE A3 a lot. Add the Stun Set and he gets even better.

As a Brucie Bonus the common champion Sister Militant has only one ability and its AOE.

High Elves

In the High Elves there is only one champion for the Stun Set and it’s Battlesage. Her AOE A1 is perfect for the Stun Set, Debuff removal and her A2 and a Revive on Death Buff on her A3 very underrated champion.


Scyl of the Drakes, has an A2 that already has the chance to Stun, it is however a small chance. Add the Stun Set and you will see everyone Stunned. Sikara has an AOE A2 and A3. She is generally not a good champion but if you add the Stun Set on her she can help you in Faction Wars. Soulbond bowyer has an AOE A1 and if you have no-one else for this faction she can get those stuns out.

Ogryn Tribes

Not many here as this faction is on the smaller scale. However, it does contain the most used Stun Set champion – Big ‘Un. All his abilities are AOE, he hits hard and has a Stun on his A2. Ruffstone has an AOE A1, with only two abilities he will use the A1 plenty of times. Perfect for the Stun Set, he is also Force Affinity which can help against certain waves. Bellower Stun Set King: there is a reason he is one of the most popular champions to put in the Stun set. All his abilities are AOE.


Same as the Ogryn Tribes not many to choose from. Fu-Shan AOE A2 and an attack four times at random A3 great in the Stun set. Basilisk has an AOE A1, the staple of a great Stun Set champion and he has a great passive.

Brucie Bonus the Uncommon Saurus AOE abilities all over the place, well he only has two, the best for this Faction in a Stun Set.

I Orcs

Unfortunately, the Orc Faction has no champions that are Viable for the Stun Set.


The Demonspawn Faction has a good few champions that can work with the Stun Set. I will only name a few.

Nazana, Infernal Baroness and Fellhound each have an AOE A1 which is just what you need for the Stun Set.

Undead Hordes

Skartoisis and Bad el-Kazar are the best in the Undead Hordes as a Stun Set champion as they only have one attacking ability and it’s AOE.

One that is worth a mention is Suzerain Katonn as all his attacking abilities are AOE. There are no Epics that a Stun Set would be useful on however, one rare can use the Stun Set to great effect and that is Banshee; her A1 and A2 are both AOE attacks

Dark Elves

Rae is the perfect champion for the Stun Set as all her abilities are AOE and they hit hard as well. For the Epics, Pyslar is the obvious choice as her abilities are all focused on crowd control and they are all AOE to boot.

Knights Revenant

Hegemon is surprisingly great for the Stun Set; with his passive you have the chance to stun everyone before the speed race even starts. And we all know that Sinesha and Skullcrown are amazing in this set.


Hurndig is an amazing damage dealer that has an AOE A2 and A3. Add the Stun Set and he is even more dangerous. For Epics all the talk is of Geomancers passive, but he can be even more overpowered if you add the Stun set to him as he has an AOE A1.


Yes, before you ask, I know the Shadowkin Faction Crypt is not open yet however, it will be one day and it’s always a good thing to be prepared.

Sachi has an AOE A1 and is the best for a Stun set as she is a mini-Arbiter with her other skills.

And that is it! All the champions at the time of writing this are the best options for each Faction. I hope it is useful for you and that it helps you get that one step closer to either Lydia or faster times for the waves.

You always hear about Stun Set champions in Faction Wars and how good they are but I have always found myself wondering, “who should I put the set on?” There are the famous ones like Bellower or Sinesha, however these are just two from a whole lot of champions you can choose from.

This guide is going to help you with that. I am going to list every champion in each faction that is the best for the set.

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James Capasso
James Capasso
10 months ago

Is it possible to get this document updated?

Yusuff Folarin
Yusuff Folarin
10 months ago
Reply to  James Capasso

Yh, some new champs like Artak deserve a mention