Published On: December 11, 2021
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Are EA Sports looking to add NFTs in the future?

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EA Sports is a massive organisation that has controlled the market for the most popular soccer/football games. FIFA has sponsored EA for a while now and that is why the popular football game is called FIFA. However, this could all come to an end soon as sponsorships were at such a high price EA rejected them, but that topic is for another time! EA is now saying that they may be interested in making an NFT game which would be very cool to see as EA have been incredibly successful to keep FIFA the number one football game over the many years that it has been out. EA said, “NFT’s are an important part of the future of our industry”.

EA makes the Fifa football series which uses card packs to “collect” players in it’s Ultimate Team mode. Chief executive Andrew Wilson told investors he believes Fifa players want to see NFTs in the franchise. NFT’s in a collectable football card game could be huge however this may release the krackens and the whales who would love to have the set and are willing to pay anything to obtain it!

Some companies, such as Steam, are worried about this and have banned block-chain games and NFTs from their servers because they believe that the NFTs can only cause harm to the gaming industry. However, EA sees past this and are confident that plans to include NFTs in the future will go ahead and that they will dominate the market.

EA are however still being a little cautious and are waiting for the hype to die down to be sure that it really is a suitable way of gaming. The reason for this is that NFTs are a new thing to gaming and many people are unsure of where it is heading so we believe some companies are waiting to see if it is going in an uphill trend before investing their time, money and resources into making games of this manner. The spokesperson warned, “It is still early to kind of figure out how it’s going to work”. This is reassuring for the gaming community because it means they are thinking about different ways and games to bring NFT’s to life!

We believe it will be tough to add the play to earn feature into a game like FIFA but with the rewards you get from winning games you could turn them into NFTs or a better way to obtain NFTs. Currently when you win a game of FIFA on Ultimate Team (an online game mode where you build your own team, play against other people’s teams that they have constructed and try to make your way up the leagues to become the best player) you will earn a small number of coins and some exp to your EA level, this doesn’t mean much so don’t get too excited. But to add NFTs into the system depending on what rank you are maybe you could earn different body parts to add to a character, building the best footballer for example: you earn Messi’s left foot and Ronaldo’s right foot, combine them to make the ultimate footballer and you can either play with this or sell it? Disclaimer: this is not real, it’s just an example!

What are your thoughts on EA making a game based around NFTs? Let us know in the comments below!

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