Published On: July 27, 2021

Easy 3 key Nightmare ClanBoss with Geomancer + Rares!


So today and today only the 27th of July you can get Geomancer as a guaranteed Epic when you pull 40 ancient shards so HH wanted to showcase Geomancer with a team of Rares. As he did so he did a 3 key Nightmare Clanboss run! So here are the champions:

Geomancer – HH ran his Geomancer with 122 speed, 40k ish HP, 3.5k ish DEF and 208 ACC. It is important you land the HP Burn with Geomancer otherwise he is kind of useless as that’s where his big numbers come from and make him the epic that he is. His HP and DEF are standard when it comes to building a traditional Clan Boss team. He is in Lifesteal gear so make sure you farm it up and because it isn’t a fast build you can put DEF or HP boots on your champs. You need Giant slayer in his masteries for this to work!!!!

Apothecary – He is your fastest champion with 205 SPD because he is going to put increase Turn Meter on as often as possible trying to get more damage output. He has 46k HP, 3.6k DEF as for a standard Clan Boss run. Now HH turned off the A2 because he wanted more dps output but that may have cost him later on!

Frozen Banshee – SPD at 124 so very hittable! Hp at 38k and 3.6k DEF so again it isn’t awful but it’s strong! Again make sure you have ACC on her because you need her to land her poisons! She can be replaced with any poisoner!

Gravechill Killer – She has 128 SPD, 37k HP, 3.4k DEF and 172 ACC. Again this is a standard Clan Boss build and you’ll need accuracy to land her debuffs which is essential.

Coffin Smasher – This DEC ATK champion can be replaced by any of the DEC ATK champions but for this vid HH used Coffin Smasher! He has 129 SPD, 38k HP, 3.9k DEF. This is a good amount of defence to have when facing Clan Boss.


With these rares and Geomancer HH lasted until turn 31 on Nightmare Clan Boss! Lifesteal gear was essential for him and so it will be for you so try and farm it up and build your own team similar to this! 14.57M damage on the void Clan Boss, now that isn’t something to ignore with Geomancer doing 5mill damage by himself all because of his passive which is busted! For more info catch the vid below!


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