Published On: December 28, 2020
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Essential tips for starting in Raid: Shadow Legends


This beginner guide will help you learn the fundamentals in Raid Shadow: Legends.

Picking the right starter champion

For your first champ choose Kael as he is the perfect champ throughout the game! Kael is vital as he has a strong AOE and is a top 10 poisoner in the game. He beats the other starter champions because they don’t have the same utility for other parts of the game as your account grows.

The poison that Kael brings is huge for the clan boss as it ups your damage and will allow you to progress onto harder levels of the clan boss quicker. His late game is so strong you wouldn’t want to throw this freebie away.

Warmaiden is a game-changer early game

Get yourself a Warmaiden asap, she’s a farmable champion that can be picked up in the campaign. Warmaiden has an AOE decreased defence ability that can easily be fully booked by farming multiple champions. This ability is game-changing at any level of the game but definitely early because your nuker will do more damage to the mobs. Warmaiden can be used in all areas of the game until you get your upgrade. The ability is just so useful everywhere.

Speed is KING!

Once you hit day 30 on your daily login rewards you get a free epic champion called High Khatun. This champion will change your account for the better! High Khatun is the first free champion from the login rewards on day 30 in Raid: Shadow Legends! DO NOT FEED HER!

High Khatun is a Spirit affinity epic from the Barbarian faction and her kit is focused on manipulating speed. She has a speed Aura in all battles, Turn Meter boost, Speed buff, and a decrease enemy turn meter. She will be a core team member right the way through until you can get an upgrade, she will be used in most places of the game.

Speed is KING. When you are building your teams you need to think about how much speed your champs have because if you can lap the dungeon and campaign mobs then you will have more of a chance of beating them and progressing through the levels.

Speed boots are essential for all your champions until you hit mid to late game and you can diverse your builds up but for now, you should aim to get as much speed as possible so look into your filters for speed and pack that onto your speed boost champion.

If you need speed boots go into the campaign and hard farm them until you get speed boots and enough for your whole team, not just one pair. Build speed sets even if they are basic uncommon.

Speed Aura Vs Speed Buff – this is very dependent on the levels of your champions because as they level the base speed will increase. So speed buffs are good earlier due to the fact they boost your total speed so all your artifacts are included. Auras are only based on the base speed so if you have a champion with low base speed it won’t be as effective. However, High Khatun counters all these rules because she has both and is very helpful.

Accuracy is your ticket to damage!

If you have debuffs you will need accuracy to land these debuffs due to the fact the enemies have a base resistance strong enough to withstand the debuff. Accuracy will give you the best chance to land the debuff and beat your opponent. A rule of thumb for how much accuracy you need is dungeon level x 10 = the amount of accuracy needed, for example, I’m facing is the dragon level 8 so I would take 8 x 10 = 80, therefore, I need at least 80 accuracy to land a debuff but more will be helpful as it could still get resisted.

How to nuke in Raid: Shadow Legends

There are rules to everything and here’s our rule on how to build damage; 1. Crit rate 2. Crit damage 3. attack/defence. Using these rules you will do more damage than you thought you would by building attack.

Work on your Great Hall

The great hall is so important; I cannot stress enough how important these added stats are to your game. You get free stats just for competing in the arena too. Maximize the accuracy in the affinity that you are using most, magic will be a big one for Kael. Then build defence and Crit Damage.

Use your gems wisely!

Certain things such as trading them in for silver is a big no, no as it is much more cost-effective to grind 12-3 and gain the silver through there and use the gems to refill energy as you can level up your champions in the process.

Turning gems into energy is a great use because the more time you are grinding the further you’ll progress in the game. Maxing the masteries on your 1st level 60 champion is another great investment as they help you through the game so well.

Finally, if you are looking to play this game for a long time then the gem mine could be beneficial for you as after 100 days the gems that are generated are pure profit.

Take care of your Books!

Books are by far the most sought after resource in Raid: Shadow Legends. They are used to upgrade your champion’s abilities and are very limited as to where you can get them. Make sure you do not waste your books. For more information on the book value of each champion check out our guide pages.

Get another 6*!

This is so important when people ask what should I do next? This is always the answer to get as many 6 stars as possible as they will carry you through the content. For example, a 6* champion is way stronger than 4 5* champions and the 6* will ease through the campaign and the 4 5*’s will struggle.

Use your Mystery shards to upgrade your account

Mystery shards are a great source of food, you should never have 0 mystery shards as you can get them in the market every hour. More often than not there’s 1-3 in the market. These are great at 5k silver, very worthwhile to get some food sorted to get your main champions leveling.

Exp farming is easily done, 12-3 brutal, this is because it is the most cost-effective campaign to farm for exp, silver gained and energy used. If you want to farm gear like speed set gear then 8-7 is the best if you want specifics then focus on the one you need.

Farm Faction Wars every day!

Glyphs are so important to your team as they boost the stats and give you the best chance at beating dungeons and farming medals in the arena.

More stats = more wins simple maths!

Save shards for events!

Don’t waste shards!!! only pull your shards when 2x events are on because you have more of a chance for a legendary and who doesn’t want to see gold when they pull their shards? Or if you need to pull shards for the events wait until them as well so you can get the rewards to get a fusion.

Don’t waste shards remember that!!!!

Dungeon Farm Efficiently

In the early game, the best dungeons to farm are dragon-13 and spider-10, this is because they could drop higher level rewards so it’s very worth it if you can. Even if it takes 4 mins you should do it put it on auto and leave it to it because the rewards could be very worth it.

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3 years ago

Some additions:
Use your gems wisely! – First buy masteries for Kael (800 gems), invest to opening market slots and opening up gem mine. After that, having account 40-45 or lower it may be cost efficient to spend gems for 1-2 more champs, but do it only on your 6-starred champions.
Farm Faction Wars every day! – it also a source of materials for good rarity 3 star and higher gear from forge, which is a lot better then gear from campaign.

3 years ago

Should I upgrade my gem mine now that I have it?