Every Barbarian Epic reviewed in two lines or fewer!

Published On: June 9, 2021

Every Barbarian Epic reviewed in two lines or fewer!


The Barbarians are next on the list of epics in Raid: Shadow Legends to be reviewed in two lines or fewer!


Aina: Has decrease defence and weaken in her kit, can be used in an unkillable clan boss team for damage, but there are better out there. She’s OK.

Jotun: Can hit pretty hard, has an HP burn. Needs a small buff to his A2 and he would be viable. But as it stands he is just OK.

Sikara: She loves to read and she can keep reading ‘cause I’m not building her.

Atur: Old school champion, very annoying as an enemy in Faction Wars but would I build him? No.

Armina: She is a unit! Drop defence, turn meter control and stuns. Great champion, but her base stat defence is very low.

Alika: Also loves to read, she is decent, ignores defence on her A2, increases the cooldown of abilities on her A3.

Teshada: OK for faction wars. That’s it. Average.

Kallia: Trash.

Maeve: Not good enough.

Baroth the Bloodsoaked: Average to bad. He is good against bosses but that’s it.

Woad-painted: She is the best champion in the game…..only joking! She is terrible!

High Katun: Good champion. You get her as a login reward after 30 days and she will be in your team to late game content. For all the bosses, she is great because of the decrease speed on her A1.

Valla: Hits hard, but her chance to land decrease defence is too low meaning there is no point in building her.

Fahrakin the Fat: The guy is awesome! One of the best ally attack champions in the game. If you get him, build him! He is an all-round quality champion.

Haarken Greatblade: Single target hitter that hits hard. If you are struggling on Spider her A3 has a debuff spread that can spread debuffs to all the spiderlings.

Suwai Firstborn: OK champion. AOE on her A2 can do some damage.

Skytouched Shaman: Very good support champion. Removes debuffs from allies then places block debuffs and revive on death buff. She is great in Faction Wars and against any boss.



  1. Iscran June 9, 2021 at 10:28 pm

    awesome article. can we get this for dark elves and demons too? :P

    • Elvo7 June 10, 2021 at 10:56 am

      they are on the way!! we are doing them one by one

  2. WileyMan June 10, 2021 at 8:34 pm

    Valla: Hits incredibly hard when built properly. When booked, she keeps constantly self-buffs +Def & Shield. Got her fairly early, and she was my strongest AOE hitter in Arena for 7-8 months. Can also farm if she is built well, and can solo the Scarab up to the first Boss on Hard if you have a team that can get her there. If you are early-to-mid-game, don’t stick her in the Vault. Build Valla!

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