Every Dark Elves epic reviewed in two lines or fewer!

Published On: June 16, 2021

Every Dark Elves epic reviewed in two lines or fewer!


There is a mixture of good and bad in the Dark Elves faction! More details of the Dark Elves epics in two lines or fewer below!


Captain Temila: She is dated. There are better epic support champions out there. If you have nothing else go ahead and build her.

Kaiden: Great epic. He has revives and decrease attack. He is great for Faction Wars. He will help with your account progression.

Spider: Great Debuffer – Decrease Defence and Weaken on his A3. Decrease attack on his A2. Good for general content.

Rian the Conjurer: Doom Tower reward, looks cool and her kit looks great.

Luria: AOE freeze and a block revive. Can be good in Ice Golem but she doesn’t hit hard enough for it to be viable.

Crimson Helm: If her A1 Decrease attack was for 2 turns instead of 1 she would be great.

Warden: Needs a buff. Terrible champion.

Delver: Trash.

Fang Cleric: Terrible aside from the revive.

Lua: Good nuke champion. 100% drop turn meter on her A3 very underrated,

Psylar: Awesome turn meter control champion. She is used in a high tier Arena and is MVP in the Dark Elves Faction Wars.

Madame Serris: The best Arena champion in the game besides Kymar.


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    I love this style of review, concise and to the point.

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