Published On: January 6, 2023
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How have Plarium Forgotten about these features!


Plarium have a habit of making really cool features and game modes then moving on to the next best thing, For example they gave us 3v3 Arena then moved on to the next project there was no other additions to it which could make it even better and make players play the game feature more often!

We hope that Plarium can fix this and start adjusting their systems so us as players can have a better playing experience!

Dupe Token Trader

The First of the forgotten features in raid is the Token trading for dupes. When we first got the system we thought nice that’s a really cool way to get rid of our dupes that we don’t want. So they gave us 6 legendaries to work towards and most players will not have gotten all 6, in fact if anyone does have all 6 then you must be on a crazy Kraken account! But most players may have enough tokens saved up but do not wish to get any of those Legendaries either because their account wouldn’t benefit from them or they are waiting for the shop to refresh like they originally said. But the time has come to inform Plarium that they never refreshed it and the shop still looks the same a year on. We already have similar mechanics in Soul Merchant but we just need it here!


As we are sure you’d expect on this list the market is overdue a revamp because look at the sorry state of it, players only go in here to clear that red mark so it doesn’t bug them. Plus for the chance to get your 5 ancient shards but after you buy those what is the need of the marketplace? The gear is the worst we’ve ever seen and it’s always commons and uncommon that are just totally trash! You may try and defend the market as a good way to get food champs but realistically it could be so much better! To make this better you need to up the marketplace alongside the level of the account that way we can see some improvements and the marketplace would have some value in the game.


The Bazaar had great promise and potential and at first glance it looks good with the Drex tokens and other bits you can unlock. Then what? Once you’ve unlocked Drex who is the next champion to unlock? Oh no one they leave it blank and it needs an update so it can get players playing in the 3v3 Arena! This is a really wasted potential of space but Plarium just left it to rot, It is ridiculous that they left it when all it needs is a simple fix to make it great again!


Let us know in the comments below, what do you think needs to be done in these areas of the game?

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1 year ago

100% agree-
Dupe Toke trader is too expensive, should only need to trade 3 or 4 champs in to get another enough tokens for another and the selection should rotate.
Market is pretty much useless for anyone who has played longer than a few weeks except for feed, mystery shard and the occasional ancient shards. should add some better equipment and the occasional rare champ or Void shard also (Sacred Shard would be asking for too much :-) )
Bazaar should be able to buy fragments for additional chars, similar to how in DT secret rooms once you have the fragments for one char, you can get fragments for the next char
same for Yannica and Yakarl frags in the clan shop, should be able to buy fragments for additional chars. once those 2 are unlocked.

1 year ago

I really wish to have fragments of past fusion event in the Bazaar. This would make TTA meaningful. Right now the only reason to go there is the daily quests.

Actually the whole 3v3 mechanism should be revamped: not only the battle are quite time consuming, but the progression is almost impossible (way easier to reach gold.5 in CA than silver.2 in TTA .)

But the real problem is that the rewards are ridiculous. I mean: 30K gold for a sacred shard: about 600 winning battles il Gold.5 : but if I’m in gold.5 TTA (just 2500 players!) I really need a single sacred ??