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Published On: December 20, 2020

How to build a support champion in Raid: Shadow Legends


In this article we are going to show you how to build your own support champion in Raid: Shadow Legends. The support champions greatly benefit your team and will give your team the boost they need to complete dungeons.

A support champion can do many things including buffing your team, debuffing enemy mobs and giving your team much-needed healing. The idea of the support champion is to aid your damage dealers to deal increased damage or to increase their turn meter so they can use their moves faster and wipe the mobs quicker.

For this guide, we are going to follow how HellHades builds his Apothecary so he can take on the high-level dungeons and so you can use the same concept on your own support champion!

Apothecary is viable in every stage of the game as his skills are very useful. So if you are lucky enough to pull him early make sure you level him up straight away and get him helping you clear your way through dungeons, and gaining those trophies from the arena.

The Build

The idea of the build is to make use of the skills and keep them on a constant loop to buff your team. Apothecary is special as his heals can have a critical heal so we should build crit rate as more healing means your team will last longer in fights.

So as always we are going to start with jewellery.

⦁ Ring – you can choose between 2 different primary stats. So if you are going to use Apothecary in the clan boss then you should build defence on the primary stat. This is to ensure he will last longer and take more hits. If you are using Apothecary in the dungeons more then you should build HP as it means he won’t get targeted by the mobs and a tankier champion with high defence can tank the hit. As a secondary stat you should be looking for HP% and defence%.
⦁ Amulet – the primary stat is defence.
⦁ Banner – the primary stat is defence with a sub stat of speed. Speed is useful to get more turns

Next is the bottom 3 artifacts.

⦁ Boots – as with most builds the primary will be speed but the sub stats we will look for crit rate to boost the critical healing that Apothecary can provide.
⦁ Chest – the primary stat will be defence% with speed in the sub stats.
⦁ Gloves – there are 3 options for the gloves because they are so diverse. The first option is building defence% as it will make your Apothecary tankier and will allow him to take more hits. The second option is HP% as it makes the mobs not target your Apoth so it can provide more buffs and heals. Finally the third option for the gloves is crit rate so you can hit that extra healing and keep your team alive longer. The sub stats for gloves are speed and crit rate if it isn’t your primary stat.

Finally, the top 3 artifacts, when you build your weapon, helmet and shield you are looking for speed and crit rate as these will help greatly in boosting the stats up so you can take on the hardest of dungeons.

If you can, look to build your Apothecary in speed sets to gain the bonuses as it will aid your runs because he’ll be able to lap your team and boost their speed more often.

If you are building a champion which requires accuracy to hit the debuffs then you should replace the banner with accuracy and in the sub stats focus more on accuracy so you will have to sacrifice some stats but it will be more beneficial for the debuff to land.

For the masteries you should look to get Giant slayer, this is because it is very useful and it suits Apothecary‘s kit with his triple hit A1.

For more tips and tricks then watch the video below and I’ll explain in more details about support champions.

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