Published On: February 2, 2021
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How to max your champions quickly, and efficiently in Raid: Shadow Legends


Progressing your account by investing in the right champions is incredibly important, to make sure you are not wasting resources, the earlier in the game you are, the more vital this is, especially so if you are a F2P player.

Deciding who to invest in on your account is one of the most important decisions you have to make on your Raid Shadow Legends account, at all stages of the game, there are lots of points to consider when picking if they are worth your resources or not.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a question that can be answered in a one-fits-all blanket statement, it is individual to each and every account.

  • Are there gaps in your current teams?
  • Campaign farmer
  • Clan boss team
  • AOE Decrease DEF
  • Speed Booster
  • Reliable damage dealers
  • Wave Control Champions
  • Ally protection and/or Support

Thoroughly look through your roster, identify your weak spots and what the champion you are considering investing in would bring.

What other roles do they fill?

You may be investing in a champion for a specific area of the game, for example – to speed up your dungeon runs in a certain dungeon, however – can they bring more for your account outside of that area? Could they help close a gap in faction wars team? Do they bring multiple important debuffs that could fill 2 important slots in a single team? Does their affinity reduce their utility in other areas?

Another key thing to think about in terms of other roles, with the ever-changing doom tower cycles, we never know what we will end up needing for Secret rooms to get fragments for the recently released 6 champions, so it’s also worth at least taking notice of how many champions of specific types you have, for example, HP based champions.

Does your champion NEED to be booked?

Books are a very scarce resource in this game with no immediate way to farm them, of all types, so making sure you are not wasting books past what you ‘need’ on your champion is incredibly important.

On every champion overview, we have an estimation of book value, explaining the priority on books and how important they are in our opinion, this champion page also helps you to identify which areas of the game WE CONSIDER this champion to be useful. Think about what YOU are using the champion for, if it is being used for damage, you may want to consider investing further books to maximise this, or do you just need to use books for a higher chance to land debuffs and cooldown reductions – this will vary champion by champion and each individual account.

How will you farm your champion to its desired level?

There are some great ways to maximise your champions experience and level them up quickly, where you use will depend highly on your account and resources.

Campaign – 100% recommended for early-new players:

12-3 campaign if you are JUST looking for good XP and silver, the shields that drop, sell for the most value of all potential campaign loot, so your silver/energy gain will be the most efficient by doing this.

IF you are a new player with minimal access to gear and are not just looking for XP, farm your levels in a targeted area of campaign, for example – life steal stages, as Brutal can drop 5* gear which can and will be very useful for you depending on your account level.

When farming campaign, it’s very important to always have 3 food champions in your team, not just 1 – The XP is split between your team equally, including to your campaign farmer, so avoid as much wasted xp as you can while doing so.

Each champion slot in a campaign battle is allocated 25% XP each, that is split equally for the whole team.

If you are running Your campaign farmer, with 3 food champions, they will each get 25% of the XP, including your farmer, even though they are likely max level already, that is 25% wasted XP.

Now if you were to bring just your campaign farmer, with 1 champion that you are trying to level up, both champions would gain 2x 25% XP shares, meaning 50% of the maximum XP potential would be wasted into an already max level champion, so make sure no matter what you are doing, put food champions in to fill your run

Farming campaign will also help you to build up your mystery shards, which is an incredible and reliable way to always have food at the ready.

Potion Keeps

Ascension potions are VERY important and will always be needed for every single account, especially as you progress and have access to a wider range of champions.

As you can see from the table below, ascending a champion fully takes a lot of potions, especially for higher rarity champions, so as I’m sure you’d agree, maximising the time spent in these keeps is a very productive use of your energy.

Note: The higher stage that you can farm, the more this becomes viable, ideally you will want 2 or 3 60s to be able to comfortably farm this at level 15 for maximum chance of potions. , using your energy and getting both xp and ascension potions is incredibly proactive in terms of maximising your rewards, you will always need more potions, especially for fusions, and farming each active potion dungeon every day with some of your energy is highly recommended, so it makes sense to kill two birds with one stone and put in some food champions / a champion you are working on while doing so.

Minotaur’s Labyrinth

As we all know Masteries are a very very important way to maximise your champions potential, if the champion is a long term investment, levelling it in Minotaur while also farming your mastery scrolls is hugely efficient, as it will help you save energy in the long term, masteries require a lot of energy, but taking some of the farming out by overlapping the purpose of the runs. Overall farming masteries takes around 2,000 energy give or take in stage 15 – IF you farm levels on your new champion while farming their masteries, they will get to around level 40-45 from this alone.

Gear Farming:

Not everyone will be capable of this, but a great example to be efficient with your energy is running Dragon 20, with a champion such as Bad-el-kazar with 4 champions to level while also farming gear, this is a great thing to do overnight with an autoclicker, this will take significantly longer but there is the chance of getting a gear upgrade for your account at the same time.


Ascending your champion:

Another important decision when investing in your champion is whether or not they need ascending, depending on where your champion is being used, you will usually want to fully ascend your champion, BUT for an earlier game account, if you do not have an amulet/banner ready for the champion, there is very little point in ascending them immediately, as they won’t gain a huge amount of value other than an increase in base stats.

Important note:

Does the champion have an important skill upgrade at 3* ascension that you NEED? Or in some cases, a completely new ability that requires additional books – this is worth considering before looking at booking your champion, in some situations it may be more valuable to book your champion BEFORE you ascend them.

An example of this is Skullcrown’s passive, while paired with Sinesha, if she dies, she will be revived, booking this ability is much less important than the rest of her abilities, so if you are going to invest books into her, it is recommended to use those skill books before you ascend her.

Hopefully, this helps you when it comes to making decisions on progressing further on your account development, everything in this article is variable depending on where YOU are on your account, but no matter how advanced your account is, efficiency is always key to making the most of what you have got, Just remember, not every champion has to be 6 star to be useful for you, plenty of champions can serve the purpose you have in mind at level 50.

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3 years ago

Question: if your focus is to get XP, why not farm 12.6 nightmare with your daily multi-battles? I know it takes 16 energy, but you get 19.5k/run for each food champ (on 100% XP boost) vs 2×8.2k=16.4k at Brutal 12.3. that’s over 20% more XP for the same amount of energy. Plus, you get 19k silver+ gear sales, so I normally average 25k-30k per run.

If you don’t care about the speed, I think this option works out pretty well. How am I wrong? Is it because that by the time most players get to this level, the gear benefits from the dungeons outweigh the extra XP?

Note that you should only do this with 3* and above champs – you’ll end up wasting runs at the margins with lesser champs.