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Published On: June 6, 2023
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Hydra Top Tips – How to Beat the Hydra


In RAID: Shadow Legends, the Hydra Clan Boss is a test that pushes players to their limits. Recently 8 Content Creators, including HellHades participated in a challenge solely based on Hydra Clan Boss, and through his experiences, he has uncovered valuable tips that can revolutionize your approach to this game mode. In this article, we will delve into the top tips shared by HellHades, aimed at enhancing your knowledge and helping you conquer the Hydra Clan Boss.

Tip 1: Decapitation and  Turn Meter Awareness

One crucial discovery made by HellHades is the impact of decapitating a head during the battle. Surprisingly, when a head is decapitated, its turn meter does not reset to zero. This means that if you decapitate a head with low turn meter, it will stay inactive for a considerable period, allowing you to inflict more damage. Conversely, decapitating a head with high turn meter results in a very quick respawn without much chance to inflict any damage. Timing your attacks and understanding the turn meter mechanics is key to maximizing your damage output.

Tip 2: The Respawn Buff!

When a head respawns after being decapitated, it acquires a little blue buff called Serpent’s Will. This buff significantly reduces the damage the head takes. Despite its importance, Hellhades highlights the lack of clarity regarding the Serpent’s Will buff in the game interface. Understanding this buff is crucial for strategizing your attacks and optimizing damage. Keeping an eye on the heads’ respawn buffs can make a substantial difference in your performance.

Tip 3: Optimizing Champion Stats/Builds

Each head in the Hydra Challenge has a maximum health cap, meaning damage scaling from enemy maximum health cannot exceed a certain threshold. This insight led Hellhades to reevaluate his champion setups, as excessive damage can sacrifice other crucial stats like speed or survivability. By using the optimizer, you can adjust your champion’s stats to optimize damage output while maintaining balance in other important areas.

This is massive due to how valuable Enemy MAX HP is in Hydra Clan Boss, with some of the most notorious damage dealers relying on it!

Tip 4: Timing your abilities

To further enhance your chances of success, Hellhades recommends strategically timing certain abilities based on potential threats and enemy heads. Waiting for heads to respawn and aligning your AOE block buffs, AOE decrease attack, HP Burn or provoke abilities with specific heads can be a game-changer. Identifying the threats and holding key abilities can ensure a smoother and more controlled battle experience.

Tip 5: Using Blessings Effectively

The lightning cage blessing, which provides an additional buff, has a unique interaction with the head of Mischief. This head tends to target champions with the most buffs to steal them. By assigning the lightning cage blessing to a specific champion, you can manipulate the head of Mischief’s targeting, ensuring the desired champion becomes the primary target. This knowledge allows you to optimize your team composition and counter the head of Mischief effectively.

Tip 6: Brimstone Targetting

Brimstone is a powerful damage-dealing effect in the Hydra Challenge. To maximize Brimstone procs, Hellhades suggests targeting the head of suffering. This head frequently uses its main abilities, making it an ideal candidate for Brimstone damage, where as other heads such as Decay and Mischief often will skip their turns by either being provoked, or just using their default ability rather than an active skill. Focusing single target damage on the Head of Suffering significantly the chances of landing Brimstone hits consistently.

Tip 7: The Power of Hex

If the head of Mischief poses a significant threat to your team, having a champion with the Hex debuff can neutralize its impact. Hex prevents the head of Mischief from redirecting your attacks. By applying Hex to the enemy team, you regain control over the head of Mischief, whilst it’s devouring your champions by being able to target it at all times.

Tip 8: Passive Damage

Utilizing passive damage like HP Burns and Brimstone is the number one way of freeing your devoured Champions, targeting these debuffs onto heads that are about to take a turn can buy you some much-needed free damage towards saving your Champions and ultimately, your entire run!


How many of these Hydra Top Tips were you aware of? Let us know in the comments!

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11 months ago

HH team,
Could you please try to push this recommendation to Palarium if you think this is a good point?

Add blessing skill to battle user interface as a passive. The brimstone passive would toggles between available or an cooldown (like with active skills). This would make it super helpful for me to know when I should prioritize Hydra Head of Suffering.

11 months ago
Reply to  pavel9789

That’s an interesting idea. I like it.

11 months ago

Tip 7 says that Hex prevents Mischief from stealing buffs. How does that work? I thought only block buffs prevents him from stealing buffs (though he can still rip them off).

11 months ago
Reply to  Gramps1702

Yeah, Hex only allows Mischief to be targeted without the 75% redirect chance. I’ve brought this to their attention on HH Discord.