Published On: May 16, 2023
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Hydra Creator Clash – Raid Shadow Legends


Introducing, the Hydra Creator Clash!

It’s competition time again, as this time 8 contestants dive into the Hydra Clan Boss to compete for the ultimate prize, the shame of their fellow Content Creators!

Much like the previous Draft Competitions, this event will consist of several live streams, ending in a grand finale.

HellHades has won the last two drafts, but can he retain his crown for the third successive time? Only time will tell!

The Contestants

Hydra Creator Clash Contestants

Hydra Creator Clash – The Rules

Each competitor must adhere to a unique set of rules, just like the previous draft events.

  • The 8 creators will draft 6 champions to form their teams.
  • Acrizia and Graazur Irongut are prohibited and cannot be chosen by any creator.
  • The draft order will be determined randomly through a “Spin the Wheel” process.
  • Once the draft is completed, the community will vote in a poll to determine the bracket seeding.
  • Creators will be drafted into a single elimination tournament bracket based on the bracket seeding.
  • After each round, the winner can choose one champion from their opponent’s draft.
  • The team’s player power must be under 500k for each battle.
  • In each round, a creator can request one restart within the first 20 boss turns.
  • All battles will be conducted on the Test Server Hydra Rotation at Brutal Difficulty.
  • All battles will be streamed live on DeadwoodJedi’s YouTube channel.

Hydra Creator Clash – The Draft Results

Hydra Creator Clash Draft Results

Final Teams




Nub Raids






The creator clash will take place on DeadwoodJedi YouTube at the following times:

  • Draft: Monday May 15 @ 8pm UTC – Watch HERE!
  • Seeding Poll: Monday May 15 @10pm UTC – Tuesday @11:59PM UTC
  • Round 1 Battles: Thursday May 18 & Friday May 19 @ 8pm UTC
  • Round 2 Battles: Monday May 21 @ TBD
  • Grand Finale: Thursday May 25 OR Friday May 26 @ TBD
Competition Schedule

Who do you think is going to win the Hydra Creator Clash? Let us know in the comments!

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1 year ago

I’d say HH’s Cupidus will do a lot, but I feel like Scratch, Cold Brew and Nub also have insanely stacked teams. YST and OddOne’s teams seem solid, but not insane. Could see them doing some very high damage though. While I love how original MTG’s team is I doubt it’ll win, but it’s def my favorite.