Published On: June 23, 2021

Is Shadowkin Faction Wars Coming to Raid: Shadow Legends Soon?

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Many people within our community have been raising the question of “when will Shadowkin Faction Wars launch?” and with the recent push for Shadowkin events coming into the game, there are some clear signs that Plarium is making an active effort to fill your Shadowkin roster.

This week we will see yet another event that will push a 10x bonus chance of pulling Shadowkin void champions. We have known for a while that the Shadowkin Faction Wars will not be released until the team at Raid: Shadow Legends feel that people have had enough time to accumulate teams to compete in these dungeons.

That being said, we do know that we are currently getting one fusion each month and with news of what champion will appear in the next fusion for July, I think that it is a safe bet to assume that this will most likely be a Shadowkin champion…

If that is the case, we think that it could be as soon as August or September that we see a Shadowkin Faction Wars added into the game.

With this dungeon being added into the pool to get Lydia it may be sensible to really start focusing your efforts now to make sure that, if you are close to completing Faction Wars with the current requirements you get her before this new dungeon opens.

Plarium has confirmed that once the Shadowkin Faction Crypt opens in the game it will become a requirement to obtain Lydia.

So, although none of this is confirmed we are interested to hear your take on it. We may be wrong, but all signs are pointing in the direction of us seeing the Shadowkin Faction Crypt opening very soon.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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