Published On: November 18, 2022

Is Staltus Dragonbane really that good?


As you may have noticed, today began two separate summon events, both a 10x and a guaranteed Champion event for 150 ancient shards, to get your hands on Staltus Dragonbane, the legendary Champion who skinned and wears Dracomorph as his armor!

But what does he bring to your account? Is he actually worth going for, and where/how will you use him…


Who is Staltus Dragonbane?

Staltus Dragonbane was added to the game in Patch 6.0 and joined the Banner Lords Faction, he is a Force Affinity, DEF based Champion, and is quite literally wearing Dracomorph on his head, which is quite the sight, which is only enhanced by his incredibly cool Dragon based animations in-game.

He is a very strong Champion, and can see himself being used in multiple different ways depending on what your account needs and/or is capable of.


What is Staltus good for?

As we mentioned above, Staltus can be used in multiple ways, and could be comparable to several other Legendary Champions who exist in the game.

The most notorious use for Staltus, and what he’s best known for is the fact that he was the Champion who was finally able to dethrone Soulless as the best Defense based nuker in the game.

Whilst Soulless A3 might hit slightly harder, the rest of Staltus abilities produce more damage. It all is driven from the passive which increases Staltus damage by 5% for each debuff on an enemy target. He brings 2 AoE abilities (normally essential for arena which often requires another nuke) both of which hit extremely hard. On the A3 he’s able to provide his own Increase Defense buff meaning you are not required to bring a Siphi or Doomscreech and rely on other TM boosters for your speed team. Additionally his passive makes him immune to any Poison, Decrease Defense or Weaken which makes him especially good for Dragon and Agreth, the Nether Spider.

As for the rest of his kit, he brings a massive amount of control to your team, with his Double hitting AOE Stun being very comparable to Scyl of the Drakes (is anybody else noticing a Dragon Theme?) However, the rest of his kit doesn’t mirror Scyl in the fact that he does not bring passive healing or a revive, instead bringing further control with his A3 ability potentially placing Decrease C.DMG or Decrease SPD.


How do you gear Staltus for Damage?

When it comes to gearing your Staltus to be a nuker, you will want to prioritize maxing your Critical Rate, it is never worth having less than 100% as it would be unreliable, which is not something that you want in your Champions (Unless they have a built in Critical Rate amplification, or you’re using an aura – Which Staltus does not)

After Critical Rate, you will of course need Speed to ensure that you get a turn, whether that be speed tuned in your arena team, or just fast enough to not be lapped multiple times by your enemies.

Next, we need to push damage into our build, through Defense and Critical Damage, you should be using Critical Damage Gloves, ideally, with a DEF% Chest, and either Speed or DEF% Boots depending on your gear situation.

The optimal set as always, will be Savage or Lethal.

When it comes to accessories, you will want a Defense ring, with a good amount of DEF%, A Critical Damage amulet, and a Defense banner, with both DEF% and Speed as substats.

Following this will allow you to build a Staltus that is capable of tearing through your enemies, whether that be in PVE or PVP Content!


How do you gear Staltus for Control?

If you are using Staltus as a control Champion in your team, ultimately relying on his A2 AOE Stun and his A1 Turn Meter control, you’ll want to ensure that your Staltus is tankier than the damage-orientated build.

Of course, the most important thing about a control build however, is ensuring you have enough ACC to land the debuffs on the enemies that you’re fighting, this is relative to the stage you’re on, whilst also making sure that you have enough speed to rotate through your skills.

Commonly when it comes to a Control Champion build, you’ll want to use either HP% or DEF% Gloves and Chest, and the same with HP and/or DEF Ring/Amulet whilst rocking an Accuracy banner.

The priority outside of taking turns and landing debuffs, is staying alive to do so for as long as necessary, protecting your team by taking out the enemies ability to hurt you.

When it comes to picking sets for Staltus for control, sets such as Relentless would be ideal, allowing him to rotate through to his A2 more frequently, alongside Refresh accessories where possible.


If you are going for Staltus, how will you be using him? Let us know in the comments!



  1. chuck petree November 19, 2022 at 7:21 pm

    probably be in doom tower for control and slight nukeage.

  2. SS2020user November 21, 2022 at 7:46 am

    I may use him in Nether Spider, but mainly Arena Defense, TTA and FW for me. Or for really hard DT waves.

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