Massive Arena Drama – Platinum unreachable for ALL players?!

Published On: April 4, 2022

Massive Arena Drama – Platinum unreachable for ALL players?!


As predicted with the recent arena issues, bigger problems have arrived, with the constant point deflation going on during the week NOBODY reached Platinum Arena this week, which is absolute madness.

Platinum arena for the longest time has been the only real competitive area of the game, where players fight to the final second to try to land themselves a spot in Platinum Arena (500 places, previously 300) and to get the best spot in that they can reach! Leaving thousands of players just outside of Platinum crying in their milk – Better luck next week!

But this week, not a single player was able to reach and stay in Platinum at all, meaning all 500 spots of Platinum arena were completely unoccupied, which is unheard of – and something we’ve never seen before.

This causes a bigger issue, as not only does it cause problems for the top endgame players who see Arena as the sole purpose of playing the game, and the weekly reset gives them something to aim for, It ALSO pushes everybody else down, those 500 Platinum allocated spots are forced into Gold V, meaning more players are pushed down into Gold IV and so on, causing players in lower tiers to face increasingly hard opponents and get demoted in ranks – This is a problem because it stunts other players progression!

This has to be fixed, and fixed soon – Plarium MUST act on this.


Plarium Response:

Dear Raiders!
Since the current state of affairs in the Classic Arena raised various concerns, mainly as to Platinum Tier and the ability to progress in general, we want to give some updates on what we’re planning to do to improve the situation.

  • 1. Arena Points re-balance in Gold 5 and Platinum Tiers – requirements to reach both Tiers will be lowered.
  • General Arena Matchmaking adjustments. The changes will concern tweaking the matchmaking in Bronze and Silver Tiers. In addition, we will improve our system that prevents players from being demoted from the Gold Tiers too rapidly.
  • Progress Missions. Several Arena-related Missions will become easier to complete.

The first 2 changes are coming to the game this week, and we’ll give you more detail on them closer to their release, i.e. one of these days. As for the changes in the Progress Missions, they are on the way as well, but we’ll release them in a distinct patch a bit later.

We’ll keep you updated on the whole process, so stay tuned :cheers:



  1. Cold_Beerdrinker April 4, 2022 at 6:10 pm

    Like a Bandaid on a severed limb.

  2. SS2020user April 5, 2022 at 5:56 am

    I hope the Arbiter mission changes are gonna be good, as well as some matchmaking. Stuck at the Gold II mission!

  3. Vanillashrek April 5, 2022 at 10:20 pm

    I can’t even get back to gold one for the Arbiter missions! I keep getting insane matches! I fed all of my rates and a few epics just to lower my power from 1.3 million down to 925k and I’m still getting insane match ups. I reached it before so I don’t know what the issue is.

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