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Published On: February 22, 2021
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News on the upcoming March Patch to Raid: Shadow Legends


The Raid Shadow Legends team at Plarium took to social media today to give some more details of the upcoming patch in March. It looks like this patch will include some long-needed chat moderation updates along with 2-factor authentication in the game and the newly announced faction.

For those of you concerned, Plarium has already confirmed that there will not be a new faction crypt open immediately for this new faction so you will still have some time to get your hands on Lydia the Deathsiren before they increase the requirement to also include this new faction.

Here’s what they said in their post:

As always, we came here with another portion of “What Raid Team are working on and What we have in store.”

Let us start with the important news that is not related to the game itself, but rather to establishing order in the game environment.

Starting next update, we’ll have an in-game moderation in our Global Chatrooms. We’re going to implement a moderation tool in 3.40, and the rights to keep things civil in the chats will be granted to our active moderators. Thus, we kindly ask you to remember that in-game chat is not a place for political, racial, or religious discussions, neither is it a place for insults, inappropriate language, trolling, spam, or any kind of commercial operations. Let’s remember about general rules of conduct and the fact that this should be a safe place for children, as well as grown-ups.

Another important thing is that we have recently launched two-factor authentication. From now on, you can activate this additional means of your accounts protection in your Plarium Play accounts.

We also can’t avoid the Thea subject. The important thing to understand here is that Raid keeps evolving in so many aspects, and, naturally, we need to think in advance when bringing new champions to the game and assigning specific roles to them. Thea, like many other champions, needs to be discovered in specific locations, equipped in the right armour, teamed up with certain champions, which are either already available or still await their turn to appear in the game in their glory.

Last but not least. The new long-awaited Faction is coming soon. If all goes well – we will release it in mid-March; that is when the 3.40 patch release is also planned.
Let us know what you think about these updates coming soon in the comments below.
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3 years ago

Oh we are NOT forgetting the Thea subject!!! (What’s the Thea subject????)