Patch 7.40 Highlights
Published On: August 1, 2023
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Patch 7.40 Highlights – RAID Shadow Legends


Greetings, everyone!

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming features of Update 7.40. This time, the focus is on Clans, with exciting additions to enhance the gameplay experience. Let’s delve into the key highlights of the update:

Hydra Clash

Introducing Hydra Clash, a weekly mini-tournament involving five Clans. The objective is straightforward: outscore your opponents by earning Clash Points through Hydra Battles.

To participate, players must be part of a Clan and be at least Level 45. Clans must have a minimum of ten members at Level 45 or higher, with a total of at least 50 Clan Activity Stars earned in the last 7 days. The matching process ensures fair gameplay by pairing Clans based on their average performance in the previous four Hydra Clashes.

Please note that the initial launch of Hydra Clash will be in a test mode, limited to the top 3000 Clans in the game based on their ratings and meeting the mentioned prerequisites. Subsequently, it will be made available to all Raid Clans.

Clash Points & Multipliers:

The damage dealt to the Hydra determines the base Clash Points earned. However, using Multipliers strategically is essential for victory. Multipliers are available only on the first use of a Hydra Key at a specific Difficulty level and can significantly increase your earned Clash Points:

  • Normal: No Multiplier
  • Hard: x2
  • Brutal: x3
  • Nightmare: x4


Rewards will be granted to the top three Clans in the Hydra Clash. Higher placements lead to better Clash Chests. To be eligible for any reward, players must participate in the Hydra Clash and reach a specific milestone of Clash Points contributed. The rewards are closely tied to the Points earned, offering greater incentives for higher contributions.

Hydra Clash Chests will be similar to Hydra Chests but will contain Stoneskin and Protection Accessories that complement the respective Artifact Sets. These accessories provide additional bonuses when equipped in sets of 7, 8, or 9 pieces on a single Champion. Additionally, both the Stone Skin and Protection Sets will receive a buff in Update 7.40.

Clan vs Clan Tournament Update

In Update 7.40, Clan vs Clan Tournaments will see exciting changes with new objectives introduced, along with the expansion of existing ones. The list of updates includes:

  • Iron Twins (New Objectives)
  • Sand Devil (New Objectives)
  • Phantom Shogun (New Objectives)
  • Ascend Artifacts & Accessories (Added to Gear Objectives)
  • Get Perfect Souls (Added to Champion Objectives)
  • Win Crests from Live Arena battles (Added to Arena Objectives)

Moreover, Tiers 2 to 6, both Clan Tiers and Personal Tiers, will be expanded to accommodate more Clans and Players.

Demon Lord Quick Battle

Demon Lord Quick Battle: Recognizing that players may need to spend more time in the game due to the new features, we are introducing the Demon Lord Quick Battle mode. By initiating the Quick Battle, the game will simulate a battle against the Demon Lord in seconds, taking into account your Champion Power, Team Composition, Skill Presets, and more.

To unlock this feature, players need to deal sufficient damage to obtain the final Clan Boss Chest in a single Clan Boss battle. The Quick Battle mode is Difficulty-specific, and unlocking it for higher Difficulties will retroactively unlock it for all lower Difficulties, especially benefiting existing high-level players.


We hope you enjoy these new additions and updates to enrich your Raid experience. Stay tuned for more details in the full Patch 7.40 Highlights!

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