Published On: April 28, 2023

Path of Spring Event – 5* Razelvarg Soul!


Plarium has launched a new Hero’s Path Event in line with the Razelvarg Fusion Event ending, where the rewards are absolutely huge, but as are the point requirements if you intend on claiming all of the rewards up for grabs!

You can earn rewards such as Soulstones (including a T3 Soulstone!), Legendary Books, Chaos Ore, and a very special, 5* Perfect Soul for Razelvarg!

How these Events work

The way these events work is as you acquire points and rewards, unlock the next tier of rewards and gradually work your way down the “path” to reach the end goal.

There are two sides to the path; Which split off into four distinct ways, you can decide where to go with your points to reach your end destination and the rewards that suit you best.

How to earn points

This time around, the point gaining will come from Dungeon Divers style point gathering and Summoning Shards, which is the superior option, as the cost for doing this event via just dungeon divers is extreme.

Alongside this event there is currently a 10x event, featuring some of the best damage dealers the game has to offer, you can read more about the summon event here.

How many points do we need?

As you can see in the table below, Saphyrra has worked out the exact breakdown of point requirements for each path, and the total event (241,500 Egg Coins.

Below you can see the tables that will show the resource requirements for both Shards and Dungeon Runs.

As we said, doing this via Summoning Shards will be significantly ‘cheaper’ in terms of resources.

Below you can find Saphyrra’s full breakdown of this event, and it’s potential costs!

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9 months ago

I didn’t do the fusion so I don’t care to get the soul, but I did get both legendary skill tomes and the T3 soulstone (which yielded a yummy 5* Pythion soul). Happy times.