Raid Digest 28.1.2022

Published On: January 28, 2022

Raid Digest 28.1.2022


From the Raid Digest we get to see what has happened over the past couple of weeks!

We see there’s a new login reward champ, Yannica’s replacement and the next CvC date!

There’s a new login reward champion being thrown into the mix as like Cleopterix the champion will be available to start collecting. She is an Ogryn Tribes faction and is a Legendary Support! Guurda Bogbrew will be coming to Raid: Shadow Legends from January 30th.

Guurda Bogbrew is an HP Champion who specializes in applying a considerable number of Debuffs on their opponents.Guurda’s Passive Skill [Malign Tendrils] slows down your opponents each time they receive Debuffs, thus turning the course of a battle in your favour. A1 [Brew Mama] fulfills a similar function. And finally, their A3 [Hemlock Surprise] helps get rid of the debuffs imposed on your allies.  Guurda Bogbrew might be useful in the Arena and Doom Tower Stages due to her ability to decrease Turn Meter.” Now looking at her kit we can’t really see much arena benefit however she is a bit of an oddball because she does 3 things mediocre but you wouldn’t build one over the other. If you can find space for her in a team then great! The good news is that she is a free champion!

As people are getting closer and closer to finishing their Yannica fragment from the clan shop people are speculating a new champion to collect. However Plarium have other ideas! In Yannica’s place will be 4* Glyphs as a reward in the clan shop. Plarium did say only time will tell if a new champ will take Yannica’s place but we shall see in the future!

The next CvC date has been released and it is the 1st of February! This CvC will contain Personal rewards so if this is your time to go up in tiers then Good Luck!

“Another Legendary Champion who sparks discussions from time to time, is powerful sorceress Mithrala Lifebane. Mithrala is a unique reward, similar to Lydia, so you won’t be able to summon her from Shards or get 2 Mithralas from Hydra. As soon as you summon Mithrala Lifebane by collecting all needed Fragments from Hydra Clan Boss battles, you won’t get any other possibility to get a second one. As soon as it happens, her Fragments will disappear from the rewards pool, but worry not – you’ll keep getting other valuable Resources such as Clan Gold, Clan XP, Stone Skin and Protection Artifact Sets some of which might be in Mythical Rarity. In addition, we will be expanding the pool of Hydra rewards in future. Stay tuned.”



  1. strycker January 28, 2022 at 2:55 pm

    just pulled her from a shard. Excuse me while I delete my account.

  2. PeyotePanda January 29, 2022 at 10:51 pm

    Thanks for the information. I certainly prefer your delivery and presentation over Plarium’s.
    Appreciate your time

  3. gauge February 3, 2022 at 8:28 am

    in dungeons, level 20 gives you the 5\6 star armor etc. what do the levels 21-25 do for you?

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