Published On: March 2, 2023
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Raid Shadow Legends – 10x Speed Freak Weekend!


Plarium has just announced a 10x event for this upcoming weekend, beginning tomorrow, and this time around it’s focused on Increase Speed Champions. For those who might not be familiar with the term, Increase Speed Champions are heroes in the popular mobile game Raid: Shadow Legends who have abilities that can increase the speed of your entire team, helping you to act more quickly in battle.

The selection of champions available during this 10x event is quite exciting and includes some highly sought-after heroes.

Plarium Announcement

Hey y’all!
This Friday, March 3rd, we’re planning to launch a special x10 event to summon the following Champions from Ancient, Sacred, and Void Shards

Teodor the Savant
Nekmo Thaar
Lady Kimi
Golden Reaper
Lady Annabelle
Klodd Beastfeeder

Should you be pulling shards?

As always, this is a personal decision that you need to make but there are a few points to consider for this set of events…

  • There is not an active Fusion Event, so you may want to save for the suspected March Fusion in the coming weeks – These ALWAYS require shards.
  • There is no boosted summon rates – unless you are close to Pity System kicking in, your chances of even getting a legendary are VERY slim.
  • 10x Events are continuously getting worse with the influx of newly added Champions, diluting the chances of you getting these 10x Champions.

Will you be pulling your shards? Let us know in the comments who you’re after!

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1 year ago

I just pulled Nekmo on the last Ancient 2x, ha. The only one I don’t have here is Tuhanarak, and I’m not risking my void shard pile for her.

1 year ago

these events have been 10x for years, they should change to 20x or even 30x to increase the probability of actually getting one of these champs

1 year ago
Reply to  Mayhem5

They will never do that as long as people keep pulling during 10x. It’s in their best interest to keep the rates for desirable champions low so people will keep opening shards in the hopes of getting them (even if the rates are abysmal).