Published On: March 13, 2023
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Raid: Shadow Legends Animated Series – Call of the Arbiter


Raid: Shadow Legends has announced a new animated show that will give viewers a deeper dive into the creative world of the Mobile RPG game than ever before. It is no secret that following the success of the popular Netflix Series Arcane which was based on the hugely popular game League of Legends, the Raid Shadow Legends community expressed how well Plarium could do by doing something similar with Raid.

What is Raid: Call of the Arbiter?

RAID: Call of the Arbiter (COTA) is an exciting limited animated series consisting of 10 episodes, each 5 minutes long. The series follows some of the beloved characters from RAID: Shadow Legends, as well as introduces new faces. The episodes are released once a week on the RAID Shadow Legends YouTube channel, which is accessible to everyone.

The storyline of the series revolves around an ancient guardian called the Arbiter, who summons a group of champions to find a path back to our world. They must join forces, set aside their grievances, and work together to defeat the darkness. Will they answer the Arbiter’s call? Watch the series to find out!


The production of RAID: Call of the Arbiter involved over 400 people across multiple locations around the world, including the production team led by Eric Rollman of Rollman Entertainment, and the lead writer Kendall Deacon Davis of Lex + Otis. The animation was done in partnership with Studio TeamTo, known for their animation and production on major TV series.

While the series shares characters, locations, themes, and narrative elements with RAID: Shadow Legends, it is a different experience intended to deepen the relationship with the fan community and provide them with a richer, more character-driven glimpse into the game world. The series also introduces some brand new characters not yet seen in the game.


To celebrate the launch of the series, RAID: Shadow Legends will be running various in-game events and competitions accessible only through the game. Players can look forward to giveaways, new in-game player events, and a first look at character lore.

The limited series has only been made for direct streaming on the RAID Shadow Legends YouTube channel, but plans for a season two, a movie, or a full-length series are in the works. Fans can show their support by watching, giving a thumbs up, and sharing the series with friends. Who knows what the future may hold?

So, gear up for an exciting journey into the world of RAID with the limited animated series RAID: Call of the Arbiter!


Call of the Arbiter – Official Trailer

Where can you watch the Raid Shadow Legends animated series?

The Raid Shadow Legends animated series will premier live on their YouTube Channel on May 18th, 2023. The show will then release another 9 episodes (10 in total) every week until July 20th, 2023.

Release dates for Season 1 of Call of the Arbiter:

  • May 18th 2023 – Episode 1
  • May 25th 2023 – Episode 2
  • June 1st 2023 – Episode 3
  • June 8th 2023 – Episode 4
  • June 15th 2023 – Episode 5
  • June 22nd 2023 – Episode 6
  • June 29th 2023 – Episode 7
  • July 6th 2023 – Episode 8
  • July 13th 2023 – Episode 9
  • July 20th 2023 – Episode 10

Why are Raid Shadow Legends making an animated series?

Since the Raid Shadow Legends Mobile and PC games were released, fans from around the world have been asking Plarium to expand their storytelling and give the players more ways to connect with the world of Raid. For the past two years, the Raid has been working on this animated series to enhance its relationship with the fan base and community by providing a more exciting, character-driven glimpse into the game world and its characters.

Promotional stills from the announcement:

Will there be a season 2 of Call of the Arbiter?

Plans for a season two, a movie, or a full-length series are in the works. We will update you with more information when we find out about it.

What do you think about this announcement? are you looking forward to seeing this new animated show? let us know in the comments below.

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1 year ago

This is so insanely exiting. Firstly, the Raid lore, as we’ve been getting from Plarium on their socials, is hnestly really interesting, but seemed like such a waste of time without the lore beeing impactful in the actual game. That has me very exited for the storyline of htis series, as there are many different interesting points in the timeline they could bring up. I’d say it’s decently likely they might have the supreme starters as a season finale, and the conflict between the High Elves and Dark Elves will likely be explored, considering the teaser, and that Kael and Elhain both are from one of the factions. I’m pretty fearful of one thing though; Plariums pronounciation of Kael. Overall this series could be insanely good, and really bring some attention to Raid if either some major streaming service picks it up or the series gets a lot of praise from the general public. I can’t wait until May!

1 year ago

This is pretty cool. I’ve always felt like more story/lore would help the game, and this feels like it will help that aspect a lot. Looking forward to it!

Aaron Richter
Aaron Richter
1 year ago

I am really excited for this mini-series. The trailer looks good, the addition of more immersive lore for the world would be fantastic and I’m hoping this can spark even greater attention and interest in Raid as a whole,
I hope this series is good enough to spark continuation of the series and build to a full length feature fill. That would be amazing.