Published On: October 30, 2022
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Raid Shadow Legends Lore: The Story of The Sylvan Watchers

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Far on the southern shores of the Dawnlands, there lies a vast rainforest that even the Shadowkin themselves do not tread unbidden – the ancient and eerie Mistwood. As old as Teleria itself, its groves had been nurtured by the Fae and Elves in the days now lost beyond the veil of myth. It is a land of magic unbound, secrets long-forgotten, and perils beyond counting.

But wild as it is, Mistwood serves as the seat of power to an old and proud nation. For eons, the Elves who had chosen to abandon Aravia lived here side-by-side with the Fae. And though most mortals who dare to treat with the fickle spirits of nature would invite grave danger indeed, the Elves of old had attuned themselves to the lifelines of the Forest and the energy that connects every living being therein. This “Rhythm” flows from the Heart Tree – the nexus of ancient magic power in Mistwood – and gives them great empathy and the ability to understand the desires of beasts and Fae alike.

Thus, the Sylvan were born. Representatives of every Elvish settlement and every Fae Court stood united to guide their people through perilous times. And it is known that every nation needs an army as well as rulers. While the Sylvan Court governed, the Watchers kept vigil. Yet the Dark Lord is cunning, and the stroke that had pierced the living heart of Mistwood came from within.

Few remember that Siroth had once entered Mistwood in the days when both he and Lumaya still walked among mortals. He had planted a single seed that would, in time, twist the very essence of the Forest. When awakened by a Demonspawn spy, this rot infected the Heart Tree and interrupted the harmony of the Rhythm; through it, corruption spread to the hearts of the Sylvan Watchers. Many turned on their comrades, and a terrible war followed. Here, Siroth sought to achieve what he failed to do in fair Aravia and bend the Sylvans wholly to his will. Yet hope still burned bright.

Ceitan, one of the elder dryads, spirited the last seed of the Heart Tree away before it could be destroyed. Protected by the loyal Sylvan Watchers, she sacrificed herself on the slopes of the Nyres mountains, her life force giving birth to the new Heart Tree that would keep the flow of the Rhythm pure and give the Sylvans a fighting chance. Shadowkin, who had rebelled against their demonic masters, had often sought refuge in Mistwood and now rose in its defense. The Skyiron Dominion had an outpost nearby, and the Dwarves heeded the Watchers’ plight. Together, they burned the tainted Heart Tree and returned an uneasy peace to Mistwood.

Though the trace of Siroth’s evil yet lingers and many Fae remain lost to madness, those dark days saw the beginning of an alliance that endures still. When the Shadowkin rose up to free their homeland, the Sylvan Watchers and the Dwarves were there to fight by their side. And with Yakai free at last, the Nyresan Union stands strong to oppose any foe that would challenge them.



This lore is originally posted by Plarium via their social media channels.

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